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Anrdoid 11 Update for Samsung is All Set to Be Released

by Tom Riddle
Android 11 Release

Samsung has confirmed that the update will begin to roll out to the Galaxy S2 Plus, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra initially.

Android 11 has appeared on the android phones for quite some time now. Samsung users have been waiting anxiously for their turn. Well, now the wait is over. Samsung has confirmed that Android 11 will be rolling-out for other Samsung devices too. Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Plus will get the update by December 2020. Whereas other devices will start getting the update in 2021. The time and date of the update will depend on your carrier and your location as well. It is also reported that slightly older Samsung smart phones like S9 series won’t be getting the update.

What does Android 11 have?

What will you get in the Android 11? That is the main question. Android 11 will be giving the users some new features. It will be changing the notification interface. Unlike previous versions of android, where all the notifications get mixed up, Android 11 will give you three notification categories. So, you will get a conversation, an alert and silent category. So, the different notifications go into different categories as opposed to getting mixed up.

Other Android 11 features

Another great feature is the notification history, so you never get to miss your important notifications. Some other new features include chat bubbles, screen recording, media controls and smart device controls.

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