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Apple 12 Mini Was the Flop Sales Unit

by Tom Riddle

With the initiation of 2020, everyone was stuck in the lockdown, and the supply chain of Apple was disrupted as well. With this being said, everyone saw that the launch of Apple products was delayed in 2020. This is because the manufacturing of iPhones was delayed, and Apple failed to stick by September, the usual month of iPhone launch. Long story short, Apple got a grip on the matter and released the iPhone 12 models (even if late than the usual timeline).

On the contrary, the report is circulating around according to which Apple has struggled with a flop. Truth be told, people are suggesting that this flop is one of the biggest ones that Apple ever faced. The report is designed with the data collected through Counterpoint Research. In addition, it was reported on by Ars Technica, and it claims that the iPhone 12 Mini was a flop. This is because iPhone 12 Mini accounted for only 5% of iPhone sales in the early part of January.

A similar report was stated by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners back in the month of January. The report suggested that iPhone 12 Mini accounted for only 6% of sales during the period of October 2020 and November 2020. In addition, the report suggested that this news disappointed Apple. Truth be told, it is pretty hard to admit that Apple is disappointed because they have reported the top-notch and all-time record revenue.

Even more, Apple hit the high chart of revenues during the lockdown and pandemic. This is because people keep buying iPhones as quickly as Apple manufactures them. With this being said, if people aren’t buying the cheap iPhone, they are investing in the expensive iPhones; the purchase of the iPhone is constant. That being said, it doesn’t seem like Apple is in a disappointing situation. However, there is a more interesting factor to this flop story.

This is because ever since Apple launched their iPhone 5C (which by the way, came in literally all the color options), Apple made it hard for the buyers to opt for the budget iPhone. This approach was applied to the second-generation iPhone SE. It seems like Apple is using the cheap iPhone tactic that pushes the buyers to opt for the highly-priced iPhone units. As far as the information or narrative regarding Apple needing a small iPhone seems to be the generation of false media news.

We think that there is a market gap which is being filled by these pieces of news. A specific chunk of the change was pushed into the R&D of the iPhone 12 Mini model. To be honest, it seems like a drop in the ocean. Similarly, Apple tends to have the tight inventory, and there are lesser chances that tiny iPhone modes are ailing in the warehouse. All in all, Apple tends to sell an extensive range of iPhones, so even the 5% sales will mean immense money!

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