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Apple Earned $1.8 Billion Amidst Christmas & New Year’s Eve

by Tom Riddle
Apple Earning on 2020 Christmas

In case you’ve been following Apple for a long time, you would know that Apple is a multi-billion company. It’s safe to say that Apple manages to perpetuate their customers and earn higher sales sheets and revenue that promises seamless results. With this being said, Apple recently put up the Christmas sales, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple had quite a good time. That’s to say because they have shared the report of their sales report only for sale and it’s immense.

To begin with, the annual services report suggests that Apple customers have spent around $540 million solely on New Year’s Day, which made the increment 40% higher from the last year. In addition, during the week between New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve, they have managed to bag $1.8 billion through the App Store sales. It was regarding digital goods and services. Consequently, Apple has around 90 million active users (monthly) only for the Apple Books app.

However, this annual services report didn’t share information about the subscriptions of rather new services, such as Apple TV+, Apple Fitness+, and Apple Music. During the fall season, Apple had offered bundles of its subscription services, accrediting to the Apple One program. Over the last few years, hardware sales growth has reduced, which has made Apple realize how these services can become the ultimate growth factor and lead to successful ventures.

In addition, the updates regarding the App Store are coming out, given the rising tension between the App Store policies. For instance, Fortnite and Facebook have publicly criticized Apple regarding the 30% cut from sales. In addition, the feud took a higher stance when Apple asked the app developers to disclose data tracking for advertising. On the other hand, Apple reported that this cut would be reduced to 15% for the apps earning less than $1 per year since they want to help small businesses.

Over the last fiscal year, the services sector has bagged around $53.8 billion (the fiscal year ended back in September 2020). As for the first-quarter earnings are concerned, the report is to be ready within a few weeks. As far as New Year’s Eve is concerned, the App Store customers have spent higher than $540 million. The profits earned through the apps and services were higher in 2020 since people were stuck in lockdown and needed the apps.

If we look at the matrix, the widely-used apps ranged from the entertainment and communication apps, such as Disney+ and Zoom. In addition, games like Among Us and Roblox have been higher on the chart. According to the year-end report of Sensor Tower, the App Store spending reached around $72.3 billion only in 2020, which is 30.3% higher as compared to 2019. In addition, the spending on App Store apps on New Year and Christmas addressed the 16% increased.

As a result, the Apple TV+ app is being used in more than 100 countries, while Apple Pay has impregnated with the Australian and British countries. Also, the Apple Podcast is being used in over 175 different countries.

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