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Apple Finally Progresses With The Foldable iPhone

by Tom Riddle
Apple Foldable iPhone

When we are talking about Apple, we need to acknowledge the fact that they are always innovating and are designing top-notch mobile phones. Likewise, iPhones have become the ultimate smartphones for everyone who needs a fine combination of secure and high-tech features. In the same way, Apple is not going to stay consistent with the current iPhone design because there have been rumors about the foldable iPhones.

Previously, we have outlined how Apple has been playing around with the patents for its foldable iPhone design. Well, it seems like Apple has made a revolution in the field. That’s to say, because the prototypes have been passed through the internal tests when it comes down to durability. Let us remind you that the Foxconn factory of China (located in Shenzhen) was responsible for testing the foldable iPhone prototype, and it seems like they have been busy.

To begin with, there were two foldable iPhone prototypes submitted by Apple to Foxconn for the testing purpose. The first one was with the dual-screen, while the second one was designed with the clamshell foldable model. The second prototype looked like the Motorola Razr or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. According to this similar report that shared about the progress in prototype testing, the foldable iPhone is highly likely to be launched in 2022 or late 2023.

As per the news shared by Taiwanese publication, Money; both of these foldable iPhone prototypes were passed, accrediting to the internal tests of durability. When it comes down to the second foldable iPhone prototype, it might be integrated with the flexible OLED display by Samsung, as per the news and report. However, Apple is highly likely to evaluate the more suitable model to launch. Similarly, they are highly likely to abandon the other prototype.

On the contrary, Jon Prosser has shared in the recent video that Apple is seamlessly working on the clamshell folding iPhones, which are aligning with the claim of experts. He also claimed that the launch of the foldable iPhone is highly likely to be in 2023. According to this famous YouTuber, designing, development, and manufacturing are in the initial stage. In addition, he has shared the “concept” image of this potential foldable iPhone.

Even more, this rumored iPhone with the foldable design is likely to be integrated with the flip-like design. As a result, once the foldable iPhone is launched by Apple, it is evidently matching with Motorola and Samsung. This is crucial to acknowledge because Samsung and Motorola are the only two companies offering foldable phones. In addition, Apple is highly likely to launch the new and cutting-edge technology with the foldable iPhone, promising much-better performance!

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