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Apple is Bringing Back Touch ID Feature To iPhone 13 Lineup

by Tom Riddle
Touch ID Feature by Apple

Starting with their flagship model iPhone X, Apple decided to remove the Touch ID feature. Truth be told, we weren’t happy with the idea because it was the most convenient way of unlocking the iPhone. With this being said, people are often questioning Apple’s decision of removing the Touch ID from iPhone X and headphone jack from the iPhone 7. With this being said, Touch ID had been the promising option for iPhone users.

Now that Apple has released iPhone 12 model lineup, people are already wondering about the features of iPhone 13. Well, brace yourselves because Apple has finally listened to everyone’s wishes. This is because the reports suggest that iPhone 13 model lineup is highly likely to add the Touch ID. The news is picking up about iPhone 13 that’s scheduled for 2021 and people are questioning that Apple might be bringing back much-loved Touch ID.

According to the tweet of Nikias Molina, it is said that “Touch ID will be back soon” and what could be sooner than the iPhone 13 lineup. As for now, no other iPhone after iPhone X has had the Touch ID, except for the iPhone 13 lineup. With this being said, there are higher chances that Apple will be making the Touch ID comeback with iPhone 13. Let us be honest because the tweet didn’t say anything more than what we have already mentioned.

In simpler words, the tweet didn’t offer any additional information which makes the comeback of Touch ID even more high probability. On the other hand, some reports and leaks have suggested that Apple is testing the in-display fingerprint reader for the iPhone 13 lineup. In addition to this, nobody is sure if Apple will integrate the in-display fingerprint reader in every model of iPhone 13 model or not. iPhone 13 lineup is likely to come with four models.

With this being said, it’s pretty clear that Apple is working on the cheaper model in the lineup and we aren’t sure if Apple will add their new (and obviously expensive) technology in the low-budget model. On the contrary, it’s pretty evident that iPad Air 4th generation already has the Touch ID feature added to the button, so it will be exciting to check if iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Mini will have the Touch ID or not. However, there are chances that Apple might go out with the Touch ID feature with in-display.

Truth be told, Apple hasn’t been responding to the Touch ID feature integration into their new iPhone lineups ever since they removed it from the flagship model back in 2018. For the same reason, it’s worth mentioning that Apple has already integrated Touch ID in the iPad Air 4 and iPhone SE 2020 models. With this being said, it’s safe to say that Apple has been showing signs that they will be integrated this feature into their upcoming devices and will keep on improving the technology.

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