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Apple Is Getting Ready To Launch Winter Exclusive Product

by Tom Riddle
New Apple Products to be Launched

If you’ve been following Apple for a long time, you would know that they religiously launch new products every year (September, you know!). Well, not so long ago, iPhone 12 model lineup was launched by Apple and people are already wondering what Apple has in the pipeline for next year. According to internal insights, Apple will share the information on the new hardware products of next year through the press release.

There is an internal memo revolving and we have the juicy details for you. To begin with, the memo says that the service technicians must prepare for the AppleCare changes. The advised time is around 5:30 AM PTS On 8th December. As far as the changes are concerned, there are new existing product SKUs, along with the updated product descriptions. In addition, some chances of updated pricing tiers will be released.

We are only stating that information was conducted acclaimed by a reliable source. As for the memo, it’s pretty identical to the one previously released given the product announcement. Such memos were released when 16inches MacBook Pro had to be launched back in 2019, and yes, the AirPods too in March 2019. As far as the confirmation is concerned, the existence of the document isn’t for sure. Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple has had a busy fall.

That’s to say because Apple had to launch three separate keynote events within a few months and. With this being said, there are very limited chances that Apple will host the media event with this memo. In the same way, Apple tends to announce the new products through the Newsroom and the time will be the same, 5:30 AM PTS. With this being said, one needs to acknowledge that Apple hasn’t still launched the products that were meant to be out in 2020 but they haven’t made a debut (yet).

These products include the Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth AirTags which is the tracking device. In addition, the AirPods Studio had been in pipeline for a long time and haven’t been released. These devices were expected to be a part of these keynotes in the fall but these products haven’t been launched yet because there is no materialization. As for the latest information, these memos suggest that products will make a debut in the initial quarter of 2021.

With this being said, if the products come around in December, it’s going to be a surprise (obviously, a pleasant one). In addition, the product release in December is quite unusual. For instance, the company tends to ship their products around this time, such as Mac Pro and iMac Pro. But again, to date, they haven’t “released” the new products. Some Twitter warriors have said that Apple is working on the Christmas surprise for the consumers.

The leaks haven’t outlined the specific products to be released but they are going to be the winter exclusive, so should we get ready to enjoy winter nights (while spending the money, of course). Also, there are chances that Apple might simply release the special edition of the already-released products.

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