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Apple is in Talks With Hyundai Motors Regarding Apple Car

by Tom Riddle
Apple is in Talks With Hyundai Motors for Apple Cars

The rumors about the Apple Car have been around for quite a long time now, and it seems like there is a new progression. That’s to say, because Apple has hosted a session with Hyundai Motors since they need their cooperation regarding the electric and driverless vehicle (this statement was passed by the South Korea car giant). However, there were no details whatsoever regarding their session, but it’s suggested that the talks were preliminary.

However, it surely offered public confirmation regarding the Apple Car. This company that’s famous for its iPhones has been working on this car for quite a long time. Still, it seems like it will take Apple around six years to even launching the car since Tesla has already raised interest in electric vehicles. In the past few weeks, Apple has been reaching out to the suppliers regarding the car, and the production is likely to start around 2024.

According to Hyundai Motors, it is too early to say anything, and nothing has been decided for now. In addition, they have said that Hyundai has fielded the requests for cooperation regarding electric vehicles. At this point, it’s essential to note that Hyundai is affiliated with Kia Motors, which makes it the largest auto-makers in terms of sales. According to the unnamed sources, Hyundai and Apple might create a partnership that will focus on the production side.

The internal review has been completed for this cooperation, but Chung Eui-son, chairman of Hyundai Motors, still has to send the green signal. In addition to the production phase, they will also help in the development of a custom battery solution for the vehicle. According to these latest sources, the battery options will either be handed to Kia or Hyundai factories in the United States. This will be the next level of battery technology that will enhance the driving range while reducing the costs.

If we look at the details, Apple has been working on the car project since 2014, where Apple has only been working on the self-driving system rather than the full vehicle. However, the recent developments have suggested that Apple is curating the combination of both because they are working on the self-driving car with the production time set to five years. However, there are still chances that Apple will scrap off the car thing and only develop the self-driving technology for already-established car manufacturers.

Ever since this news made the rounds, the automaker market of Korea has been fueled with $8 billion spikes. However, Hyundai has also been receiving requests from other companies. As far as the shares of Hyundai are concerned, their market shares increased by 19% after this news. With this being said, we wouldn’t mind saying that Apple is keeping their secretiveness on the rise since they have refused to comment on anything for now.

As for the launch, it’s evident that Apple will take around half a decade to launch its ever-special autonomous electric vehicle. So, let’s see what the future holds for Apple (and roads!).

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