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Apple Is Likely to Launch The Smaller & More Efficient Power Adapters

by Tom Riddle
Apple Releasing Smaller Charger

Apple has been under a lot of pressure and funny memes when they stopped adding the accessories to the iPhone boxes. Recently, Apple launched the iPhone 12 lineup, and it came out with no charger in the box. Many people joked about how Apple will probably stop sending the assembled iPhones. However, the prime reason that Apple stopped manufacturing and adding charges was for the purpose of reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact.

On the contrary, it reports that Apple might be planning on manufacturing the lightweight and smaller power adapter rather than removing the chargers altogether. The new power adapters will not only be lighter and smaller, but they will be efficient as well. These power adapters are being designed for the iPhones, and this news has been shared by the supply chain report. Similarly, Navitas Semiconductor is likely to get orders from Apple for charging purposes.

These chargers and power adapters will be base on GaN, aka gallium nitride, and these adapters will be supplied in 2021; the news was reported by DigiTimes. As compared to the silicon-based power adapters, these chargers will be lighter and smaller but will have better efficiency, and the heat conductivity will be reduced. As a result, power adapters will not heat up. According to DigiTimes, Navitas is highly likely to source the GaN-based charging solution chips.

Even more, Navitas will deliver power adapters or additional charging solutions for Apple. In addition, there are chances that Navitas will deliver the charging solution to other vendors as well in 2021. According to the report, it doesn’t have information on the plans for these GaN solutions (specifically on the name of Apple). However, the report surely suggests how Apple is working on the GaN variant of the USB-C chargers.

If we look at the current products available in the market, these GaN chargers will be comparatively smaller as compared to the previously available power adapters. On the contrary, we have a statement from Ming-Chi Kuo, who is the TF Securities analyst; he suggested that Apple is likely to launch two or three new chargers with the GaN technology base in 2021. On the contrary, there is no clarity if the GaN chargers by Apple will be available for the commercial release or not.

If we look at the insights, this news was shared by DigiTimes, and they have a good track record of providing the supply chain news. However, they aren’t much reliable with the news regarding Apple products. On the contrary, we need to understand that GaNFast is the charging solution that has been designing the charging solutions for big names, such as Dell, Lenovo, Aukey, and Xiaomi. They have made the chargers, ranging from 24W and 300W.

At the same time, we need to acknowledge the fact that Apple had stopped shipping the 5W power adapters with their iPhones. However, Apple did offer the 20W USB-C power adapters for around $20. So, only the time will about the launch of GaN-based charging solutions!

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