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Apple Makes Find My App Default App With iOS 14

by Tom Riddle
FindMy App Default in App Store Now by Apple

2020 has been a busy year for Apple, and it seems like 2021 is not going to be any different. That’s to say, because Apple has various plans in the pipeline. Over the last few months, Apple has been launching new products and software updates as well. With this being said, Apple has big plans for 2021 because they are working on iOS 14 update variants. For the same reason, the announcement will be made around CES 2021, with which what first accessory will be integrated with Find My App.

Find My App has become a default app for iOS 14, and that’s been done for a reason. This is because you won’t only be able to find the family and friends who tend to share their locations with each other. However, their devices will be available as well. For instance, the Apple products like Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, and iPad will be available to be checked on the app that helps users to locate the devices whenever it’s misplaced.

For instance, if the device is within the range, Find My App will show it nearby, and it also depends on the device. In addition, it will play the sound, which makes it easier to find the device. The best thing is that it was originally only for Apple products, but Apple has been working on the new venture, known as Find My Accessory Program. This was launched back in June 2020, with which the third-party products could be certified as well.

After six months, there are new products making rounds that might be integrated with these features. To begin with, BelkinSoundForm Pro true wireless earbuds will be designed to use this new feature. These wireless buds will be available on the app on a native basis, just as Apple products show up. In addition to their availability and presence on the Find My App, there will also be a feature of lost flagging on the devices.

In case other Apple device or iOS user comes around the lost device, the users can receive the notification regarding the location. On the contrary, there are various confusions revolving around this new feature because no one is sure which version of iOS 14 will be needed for offering third-party support. For now, it seems like iOS 14.4 will be used (most probably), that’s not available for the public (for now) as it’s in the beta testing phase.

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