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Apple Might Replace iPad Mini With Folding iPhone

by Tom Riddle
Folding iPhone

Over the course of the last few months, there have been speculations going on about the Apple launching folding iPhones. It’s safe to say that these pieces of news have been making the headlines. However, the latest news has put things into perspective with the entry-level iPad of the company. According to the new report MyDrivers, it suggests that Apple is highly likely to replace the iPad Mini with the folding iPhone since it has the capacity to deliver stylus input.

A new report was published last week, which shed light on the possibility of Apple launching the folding iPhone. This is because the folding is highly likely to bring support for the stylus, but it’s still not clear if the current Apple Pencil will be used or if Apple will launch something new. As far as the information about the display is concerned, the folding iPhone will have a diagonal display of 7.3-inches and 7.6-inches but will have an incredibly tall aspect ratio.

According to the report, the folding iPhone by Apple will be launched in September 2022. In addition, there are some speculations that the folding iPhone will have the clamshell form factor, but the most updated report from EqualOcean suggests that the folding iPhone release date will be pushed back to the year 2023. It’s safe to say that Apple will create an expensive price tag with a folding iPhone, so there are chances that Apple will replace the iPad Mini.

On the other hand, there are still other reasons for Apple users to give up on iPhone Mini. This is because we are foreseeing that iPads will eventually have the small bezel while the larger iPad models will have the similar footprint as it has with the 5th-generation iPad Mini. However, it’s not authorized because Apple hasn’t commented on this matter. It’s essential to note down that the news regarding Apple working on folding iPhone has been going around for years now.

When Samsung first launched the Galaxy Fold, it was pretty evident that this technology is pretty difficult. In addition, it’s safe to say that marketing and manufacturing such folding devices are equally difficult. When Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold, various drawbacks and flaws of the technology were revealed by the customers. So, we wouldn’t mind saying that Apple takes time to work on these technologies.

This is primarily because Apple will take time to refine these folding technologies. It’s clear that Apple tends to observe and learn from other OEM’s and their mistakes before they design such technologies or devices on their own. In simpler words, Apple surely learns the mistakes, works on the technology that rules out such mistakes, and designs the products accordingly. So, let’s see when Apple finally launches the most anticipated folding iPhone because everyone is ready to see how it will be different from Galaxy Fold!

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