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Apple Takes Legal Action Against Prepear Over Their Logo

by Tom Riddle
Legal Action Against Prepear

For everyone who has been using Apple products for a long time would know that Apple is extremely particular about their branding and technology. Truth be told, Apple launches hundreds of patents every week just to ensure that their ideas are stolen by someone else. With this being said, how was it possible that Apple didn’t have any issue regarding their iconic logo? For this reason, Apple decided to take the legal action against a company back in August 2020. They filed the legal action against Prepear because well, they had the pear-shaped logo.

According to Apple, their pear logo is similar to their logo but it’s essential to note that Prepear has nothing to do with the tech configurations of Apple. However, Apple and Prepear have recently reached the agreement. According to Apple, Prepear can keep their pear logo if they make subtle changes in it. To illustrate, Prepear is the spin-off of Super Healthy Kids service which offers the healthy recipes. In addition, they offer the digital grocery list through the smartphone app. However, Apple has opposed the trademark of Prepear because their logo has an outline of the pear with lead.

Apple believed that the pear logo is the copy of their classic logo which is available on billons of Apple products out there. According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office of Trial and Appeals Committee, both companies, Apple and Prepear have been negotiating the settlement. The settlement and negotiation period suggested the suspension of 30 days and it was implemented. According to The Verge, Apple is now allowing Prepear to use the pear-shaped logo for their business. In addition, there are new document filings.

The new document filings were at the USPTO and it shows that Apple has consented to the settlement. The settlement was also confirmed by the co-founder of Prepear, Russ Monson. According to him, Apple just wants them to change the design of the leaf and they will be able to use the logo. The new logo has been added on the website already and they are applying the changed logo to other platforms in the upcoming weeks. With this being said, the petition was initiated at Change.org where users were asking Apple to save the pear. The petition also received 270,000 signatures.

On the contrary, Apple has declined to comment on this matter. Truth be told, we think that Apple went overboard with the legal action because the logo shapes are too different, even if both are fruits. In the same way, the technology standards of both companies are extremely different.

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