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Apple’s Senior Vice President Is Stepping Down From His Seat

by Tom Riddle

With the initiation of 2021, it’s pretty evident that Apple has been undergoing various changes. Recently, the hardware department changed a lot. That’s to say because the hardware executive, Dan Riccio from Apple has stepped down from the new project. A far as the replacement is concerned, John Ternus will be replacing him. Riccio has been filling this seat of senior vice president of hardware engineering since 2012.

During his time, he was responsible for keeping an eye on the development of the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. In addition, he had to oversee the development of audio products, such as HomePod and AirPods. Ternus is expected to replace Riccio who has been working as the vice president of the hardware engineering department since 2013. In addition, he was leading the engineering groups of iPad, Mac, and iPhone, of course. However, it’s not like Riccio is leaving the company.

This is because he will remain the vice president of engineering but his focus will be diverted to a new project. As a result, with this new project, he will be reporting to Tim Cook who is the chief executive officer. According to Riccio, he is looking forward to focusing his energy and time at Apple and he couldn’t be more excited about it. On the other hand, Apple hasn’t specified details about the new assignments but they have two new hardware initiatives under their belt.

These two initiatives include headsets with VR and AR and self-driving cars. With the previous role, the development and designing of VR and AR headset will be under Riccio while John Giannandrea will be handling the self-driving car development. Earlier, John Giannandrea is working as the machine learning chief. It’s already evident that Apple is working on the development and manufacturing of self-driving cars but it still has five to seven years for the launch.

On the contrary, Apple is moving closer to the launch of VR and AR headset; the projection says that Apple is highly likely to launch it by the initial quarter of the next year. As far as the AR glasses are concerned, they shall remain in the pipeline for various years. Riccio has joined Apple back in 1998 as a successor to Bob Mansfield who left the company in 2016. However, he served as the head of the car project before he retired.

So, it’s safe to say that Riccio had overseen the car project during the initial stages. All in all, Apple has been making public appearances with Ternus. For instance, when the Mac computers were under fire because of lacking features and inefficient updates, Ternus was responsible for handling and responding to the complaints. In addition, he pledged to improve the Mac computers. This is why Ternus announced the Mac laptops with a new chip design, designed by Apple itself.

For the same reason, Ternus’s responsibilities were increased when he was asked to oversee iPhone. Earlier than this, Riccio was only working on the handset that drove the generation of sales for Apple.

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