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California Is Launching The COVID-19 Contact Tracing App By Apple

by Tom Riddle
COVID-19 Contact Tracing App By Apple

With the initiation of this year, the entire world was put on hold, accrediting to the coronavirus pandemic. With this issue, there were lockdowns and economic downfalls. However, there are some people who pay attention to the solutions, and the tech rivals, Apple and Google joined hands for curating the solution that helped limit the contact to COVID-19. So, Apple has made a new revelation in the field because they had the testing the COVID-19 contact tracing app on the university campuses.

The practicing started a month ago and California’s governor has announced the official launch of the tracing app. They plan on launching the COVID-19 contact tracing app on 10th December. The app is known as CA Notify and California has become the 18th state to launch the app, along with Washington, DC. Even more, it is the largest state to launch the contact tracing app ever since Apple released the statement about the technology back in April.

In August, this app was released in Virginia and California is pretty special as it’s home to Google and Apple. This is important because Google and Apple are responsible for developing this technology and app overall. According to Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai, they are trying to fight the rise of COVID-19 in California with the implication of exposure notifications. This will help slow the spread and put health at first priority.

They also thanked Google and Gavin Newsom for helping with the launch of CA Notify in California. This is because California is one of the most impacted areas with COVID-19 challenges and they need to fight against this issue. With CA Notify, the exposure notification technology will help slow down the spread of the virus and Apple has a positive role to play. The prime reason that Google is accredited to this top-notch and progressive leadership provided by Gavin Newsom.

As far as the app is concerned, it’s integrated with the contact tracing API that’s suitable for Android and iOS support back in May. As for the iOS, it needs at least iOS 14.2 to work properly and the Android must be 6.0 or above. However, the Android smartphone must have Bluetooth Low Energy. For proper functionality of the app, the phone is responsible for exchanging the private key with the other phone if they are within the desire Bluetooth range.

However, the key doesn’t have the personal identification information or location. In case someone tests COVID-19 positive, they can send the notification to everyone out there, who has been in contact. Also, when people receive the notification, they will know there is a need for quarantine and testing. For everyone concerned about privacy, the exposure notification won’t share the personal information about the exposed person and the probable place where contact with coronavirus happened.

In simpler words, the notification will only say that you are exposed to the virus. As for the launch, the CA Notify app will be launched on 10th December for Android and iOS users.

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