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Intel is all set to Release its New i9 11900 Chip as Per a Leaked Benchmark

by Tom Riddle
i9 11900 chip by Intel

Intel is looking to win back its gaming performance championship title from AMD. A potential CPU benchmark for upcoming Intel i9 11900K in Ashes of the Singularity, has been leaked. It indicated that intel is going to put on a fight in winning back its gaming performance crown from AMD. TUM_APISAK is a well know leaker, who leaked on twitter that he saw Intel i9 11900K which was running AoTS benchmark with ‘1080p Crazy’ preset. As a direct comparison between the two, another twitter user provided an AMD equivalent with similar hardware configurations. He provided an image of the comparison of both systems.

It can be seen in the image that Ryzen 9 5950X got 57 fps on the 1080p Crazy preset, while using RTX 2080 Ti. Whereas the Rocket Lake- S Core i9 11900K got the fps of 63. Both were using same GPU and the same presets. But keeping in mind that these comparisons can be easily moulded or manipulated, we have to take it as a pinch of salt.

The one difference between two operating systems is that Ryzen spec has got 16GB memory, whereas Intel Core i9 11900K is equipped with 32 GB.

The results say that Intel Core i9 11900K is running 0.15 % faster than its opponent. But we should keep this in mind, that if it is a genuine 11900K then it is at an early stage of engineering and it is a test sample. It simply cannot indicate the performance of the final chip.

So, it is too early to say anything. The proper results can only be announced after the release of its final product.

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