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Is Microsoft looking to part ways with Intel?

by Tom Riddle

According to reports, Microsoft is looking to make its own processors, for its data centres and future Surface products. According to Bloomberg reports, Microsoft has decided to make its own processors. Previously Apple has launched new Macs in which they made their own processors and ditched the Intel for custom silicones.

Microsoft’s Frank Shaw said that they are investing in their own capabilities in the areas of tools, manufacturing, and design, but they are also strengthening their partnerships with a number of chip providers.

According to the reports of Bloomberg, the efforts by Microsoft would most likely result in processors which would replace the Intel Xeon Chips in Microsoft’s data centres, rather than Surface pro 8. But the possibility of a new Surface device still remains.

Microsoft is making the new processors based on ARM designs. This won’t result in a new product in near future, but still, this would mean that another computer manufacturer is moving away from the processors of Intel.

But this won’t be the first time that Microsoft moved away from intel processors. In the Surface pro Microsoft used Qualcomm Arm chip, and in the Surface Laptop 3 they used AMD Ryzen 3000 processor.

None this has been confirmed by Microsoft itself. But it is for sure that none of these new products would be seen in the near future.

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