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KFC all set to Release a Gaming Console Instead of a new Fried Chicken Deal

by Tom Riddle
KFC Console

KFC will be releasing KFConsole for gaming lovers, but it would be quite different from PS5 and XBOX. Well after ruling the fast food world, KFC has now decided to step foot inside the world of gaming as well. KFConsole has created a tornado in the gaming world. But it would be different from PS5 and XBOX. There is one major difference between KFConsole and other gaming consoles, and that is its compartment to keep your fried chicken and other eatables inside, to keep them warm.

This one new feature makes it impossible to believe. This console can keep your food warm while keeping the console cool. It blows out the heat from outside of the food chamber to keep your console cool.

The KFConsole partnered with PC hardware manufacturers, Cooler Master to make this unique console. Although the specs are still not unveiled, but all we know is that it would be powered by top-end Intel CPU along with ASUS mini-GPU. It would also be equipped with NVMe 1TB SSD. All this means it would be able to run most high-end heavy games with great ease. You guys will be able to play CyberPunk 2077 on it with the smoothest gameplay and in-game graphics.

All these things said, this console does not have a release date yet. Its price and technical specifications are still not announced. But the tech freaks and gaming fans from around the world are still in a dilemma, whether it would compete with the PS5 and Xbox. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed, that KFC would deliver a great console to the gamers around the world. But we are still unsure about the heated chicken chamber in it. It may sound cool and handy but, it is still a question that how a chicken chamber inside gaming console, will pass the health and safety regulations. In any case it would really prove to be a unique gaming console.

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