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Mac Users Struggle With Bluetooth Connectivity On Mac Mini

by Tom Riddle
Bluetooth Connectivity Issue on Mac Mini

Apple tries to build something new for every iOS lover out there. Ranging from iPhones to iPads, there is something to meet the demands of everyone out there. Similarly, they have designed the special MacBook that’s an Apple laptop. The MacBook has been designed for iOS enthusiasts who are fans of remote working and want a cutting-edge laptop.

Similarly, they have designed the latest Mac Mini that’s integrated with the M1 chip. This Mac Mini has been available for a few days now and it has impressed the majority of users out there with top-notch performance. However, not everyone is satisfied and happy with this new Mac Mini because some users are struggling with issues.

With this being said, some of the Mac Mini users are struggling with Bluetooth connectivity issues with this new Mac Mini that was advertised as high-end performance. Well, it’s not like only laymen are having issues because the famous YouTuber Patrick Tomasso has had this issue a well. Actually, he is unable to connect the Bluetooth accessories with the new Mac Mini.

This famous YouTuber has made and published a new video on his channel with the Bluetooth mouse connected to the Mac Mini. In the video, the viewers can see is that the connection gets lost after every few seconds which makes it nearly impossible to use. According to the YouTuber, he has used the Magic Mouse 2 as well as Logitech MX Master 3 with Mac Mini but they kept cutting out intermittently.

In addition to the mouse, he couldn’t even connect wireless accessories, such as AirPods Pro with Mac Mini. Similarly, some users on Reddit have made the same complaints. Some users are even complaining that the new Mac Mini doesn’t outline the Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, along with headphones which makes the laptop entirely unusable.

As for now, there is no known reason for the connectivity problem. It could either be hardware malfunctioning or software bugs in the Max Mini or macOS, respectively. As far as Apple is concerned, they haven’t recognized the issue. Similarly, the users haven’t been able to outline the workaround of this Bluetooth connectivity.

However, some users are using third-party Bluetooth receivers for fixing the issue but it’s not convenient either because you have to invest in the additional equipment. As for the Bluetooth connectivity issue, some people are unable to connect the Bluetooth entirely while some people are struggling with intermittent connection issues since the connection switches off in the middle.

The intriguing point is that even the Apple products are not connecting to Mac Mini. For instance, be it Magic Keyboard or AirPods, Mac Mini is unable to connect to them as well. So, it’s pretty clear that the connectivity issue isn’t because users are trying to connect non-Apple products. As for the YouTuber, he also took to Twitter for discussing this issue.

Some users think that issue lies in the Mac Mini housing while some people think that the connectivity issue is because of the new macOS update (yes, the Big Sur). Lastly, some users have shared the same connectivity issues with Intel Mac. All in all, Apple hasn’t released any statement regarding this issue but the consumers are going crazy!

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