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Pocket Watch Is A New Game Which Lets You Save Cute Animals

by Tom Riddle

Save little animals from getting roasted by a volcano, in this fun and clever adventure game. Pocket Watch is the latest game from Sokpop, in which you play the character of a duck, who saves small and cute animals, with the help of a mysterious crow, from getting killed by the volcano. The game is about the cute little animals roaming on a volcano island, on which they are about to get roasted, and only a duck can rescue them from their grisly death.

If you are a gaming freak and you remember The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, then you will know that this time-looping fun adventure game is evidently inspired by it. It is not necessary that you will be successful in your first try, but that doesn’t matter. Because the knowledge you will gain from this, will surely help you be the hero in next try. There are multiple endings to this great adventure game. Plus, there are more than fifty collectables to be found, so you won’t get even a little bored, while playing this game. Pocket Watch will surely keep you entertained, no matter what age group you belong to, and it will surely make you glued to itself.

This funny, clever, and cute adventure game is from the Sokpok Collective video game design house. This game design house is known for their speedy releases of two games in a month.

So, play yourself and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

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