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Review: ASUS ExpertBook P3 Windows 10 Laptop

by Tom Riddle
ASUS ExpertBook P3 Review

ASUS has a lot in store for perfect business and Windows 10 laptops. The ASUS Expertbook P3 is one of its laptops that come with a solid list of solid specs and useful features. From the build and design, the Expertbook showcases a sophisticated attire with edgy cuts on some corners. The performance of the laptop is expected to be on the top-tier arena with the Intel Core i5. Plus, the storage comes with the solid-state drive option making it a better device for storing large programs and files.

The ASUS Pro P3 is able to grab a handful of attention from numerable businessmen, professionals and employees. The sleek looking build comes with tested durability owing to the military-grade security test. There is also a Nano edge display supported by its 15.6-inch screen that can be used for high leverage graphics. You can also see a large assembly of ports integrated into this laptop along with greater connectivity options.

Today, we are reviewing the ASUS Expertbook P3 to evaluate its specs and features. For those who are searching out the best ASUS Expertbook, this might be one. Let’s get forward with how it performs in real analysis and what it can deliver.

ASUS ExpertBook P3 Specs

Processor: Intel Core i5 8th Gen.

Display: 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080


Storage: 256 GB SSD

GPU: Intel® UHD Graphics

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro



Build, Design & Keyboard

The ASUS Expertbook P3 is designed elegantly with its grey sleek chassis and provides a formal neat look. The gray with a combo of metallic black gives an aesthetic aspect to the attire of the laptop. Even though, the outer surface of the ASUS Expertbook P3 has a harder plastic, the inside is metallic material. There is aluminium alloy used in some areas giving the laptop a premium vibe. Thankfully, there is an ergo lift hinge design element in the ASUS Expertbook P3 which allows it to tilt comfortably. The keyboard can be titled upwards whenever you move or adjust the hinge downwards. So, it creates a better and comfortable typing position for a number of consumers. There is also a 720p webcam on the top of the display which is good if you are often in the video call conferences. The keyboard keys are soft but not very soggy which is a good situation for writers and those who need to use keyboard often.


The display of the Expertbook has a larger sized screen of 15.6 inches which provides a full HD Resolution of 1920 x 1080. The narrow bezels around the display give it a wider view while the top and bottom edges are kept thicker. Overall, there is a good screen-to-body ratio for avid video gamers, movie viewers and binge-watchers. There is also a webcam adjusted on the top of the display that comes with Privacy Shutter. This lets you keep the laptop safe from any malware threat or unknown hacking.



The Intel Core i5 processor comes from the 8th Generation model armed with the ASUS Expertbook P3. It takes up Quadcore processing and operates with the base speed of 1.6 GHz. The maximum turbo speed that it can turn up to is around 3.9 GHz. This makes it efficient enough for gaming, as well as mid-intense loading apps or tasks. But you cannot run heavy-duty games or programs very smoothly owing to this speed. But this laptop turns out to be great for multitasking with its 8GB RAM and a solid-state drive storage of 256GB. There is Windows 10 Pro operating system installed in the Expertbook so you will come across updated apps layout.  Additionally, on the graphics side there is ultra-HD Intel Iris GPU setting included in the system for better visuals on the screen.

Battery & Ports

The battery power of the ASUS Expertbook P3 is one of the highlighting factors of this laptop. It comes with 50 Wh power that has the tendency to extract almost 16 hours out of the Expert book’s battery. On the Wi-Fi tests, you can easily get a daytime battery life which means 12-14 hours. The overall battery impression is excellent in this ASUS laptop, especially in comparison to most of the laptops in this range. The ports collection of the laptop includes USB Type A, B and C ports along with the HDMI, Ethernet, and VGA ports. Security features include tpm 2.0 chip, webcam privacy shutter and Kensington lock slot.



The Verdict

If you are thinking that this laptop is oriented only towards business professionals, it is not just the case. This Core i5 laptop turns out to be excellent for students owing to its core i5 processor, and an SSD storage. The top selling factors of this ASUS Expertbook according to us include its battery life, durable sleek build, and increased performance. Overall, the Expertbook does not hold back in getting your everyday work done with ease. If you have already made your mind about buying this laptop, you can check it out at Laptop Outlet store online UK.

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