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STARDEW VALLEY’S New Update Has Got Everyone Excited

by Tom Riddle

The new 1.5 update of Stardew Valley is the expansion, everyone always wanted. Stardew Valley’s new update 1.5 is finally here. Gaming fans all over the world are excited about playing the new update. It has got some new added features, endgame content, and many smart additions which makes the new gameplay super exciting. There are many new things people are going crazy for.

Stardew Valley has added a new beach farm layout, for you guys to feel the new fresh vibe of a beach. A new animal has also been added in the list of farm animals, which is ostrich. Remember those immovable dressers, which could be found in the Farmhand’s dressers; well finally those are removed. Some new renovations have also been added, so you can adjust and expand your farmhouse once it is fully upgraded.

A new world area has also been added, called the Ginger Island. Some new locations, dialogues, minigames, puzzles and quest lines have also been added. There are many new secrets and puzzles, which you can discover around the island. Beware because there are ten new enemies as well.

There are tons of other new features in it for you guys to enjoy. You can now sit on the chair, just like any other furniture you can move the bed around too. Ducks can swim now, choose from four different fishing alert sounds, and the other co-op players can ask Robin to move the buildings.

Stardew Valley’s new updates always seem to make an impact on the fans, and they have done it this time as well. Play it yourself to discover more of the new features in this update.

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