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Ways To Get Through Long-Hour Flight Or Trip Engaged And Entertained

by husnain

Sitting tight in an uncomfortable chair for a long time can be very boring. Getting entertained or engaged is the best way to tackle boredom on a flight. 

Although some airlines provide in-flight offerings, you should give forethought to how you want to spend those long hours onboard. Preparing for a vacation takes some planning and creativity. There’s a good chance you haven’t given much thought to how to get occupied on your next flight. No worries, you can pick from our top 6 to stay entertained and engaged, not just kill time. Share these tips with people who love to travel to make their experience more pleasant and draw the attention of your niche audience. If you want more exposure for your channel, make sure to buy soundcloud plays.

Learn a new language

Regardless of the purpose of your travel, learning a few greeting words of the destination’s language will make your vacation pleasurable. The best time to do that is when you start planning the trip. It’s not too late. The next best time is on the long-hour flight to your destination.

You might ask, but can you learn a new language in a few hours? No, you can’t unless you possess some superpower. But you can pick up a few greeting or appreciation words such as “Thank you,” “Hello,” “How are you?”, “Please,” “Welcome,” etc. The little effort will warm the hearts of the locals and give you a great vacation experience.

Download Duolingo, Early Lingo, Memrise or any other from the many language apps out there based on your preference. Even if you suck, the smile on the face of the locals makes the effort count.

Write articles, posts or a book

From personal experience, those long flight hours are sometimes the most productive hours for writers. More often than not, everyone on a flight is always on a world of their own. It is amazing how much you write with little or no distractions breaking your train of thought.

You don’t necessarily have to be a travel writer to put down your thoughts, expectations, experience on the vacation or any ideas floating around your head. All you need is your laptop, wireless head headphones to block out the noise and working music, if that is your style. For the old fashioned, pen and paper is all you need.

Watch movies or Netflix 

Watching movies is the obvious choice of passing the time for many passengers. It is not hard to see why. Movies generally are one of the best antidotes to boredom.

Whether you are on a two-hour or fourteen-hour flight, you don’t want to rely on the airline’s entertainment provision. Watching the airline’s selection from a tiny screen is not what you can call entertaining. 

To save you some money and enhance your flight experience, you can use your home internet and video subscription services such as Netflix, Youtube Red, Amazon Prime Video to download your type of movies or Tv Shows. Or you can stream onboard.

Read books

Reading is probably the best leisure and productive activity you can engage in. Been on a long flight does not have to restrict you to binge-watching the whole way, reading interesting books is a more productive option. You probably love reading or have a list of books-to-read, but never have the time and opportunity due to tight schedules. Long flight time is a perfect time.

Personally, reading a book is a getaway for me. A getaway from the digital world, not to mention giving my eyes a rest from blue light. Reducing blue light will do your eyes and health a lot of good. So, it is advisable to take a physical book along with you. For the cool, new school, take along your Kindle or other e-reader and download your preferred ebooks.

Listen to audiobook or podcast

Listening to podcasts can be life-changing, educational, entertaining and hilarious. There is a podcast to keep everyone engaged during flight. Besides, you want to give your retinas a rest they deserve and close them while taking the messages.

You can decide to stream new episodes as some airplanes offer in-flight WiFi or download them on any of your devices from your preferred podcast apps before you get onboard. Or, you may opt for listening to audiobooks instead of podcasts. There are tons of places to download both paid and legitly free audiobooks on your Smartphone.

Play games

A discussion about passing the time will never be complete without mentioning playing games. Video games and game apps are so popular for a reason. Time always flies so fast when you’re playing a good one.

Technology has made sure you don’t need a console to have a pleasant gaming session. Your smartphone suffices. In case you don’t have your favorite game on your phone, which will be a little surprising, search through Play Store or Appstore and pick one of the top-rated games based on your gaming needs.

Also, some of the airplanes have WiFi onboard these days. If you are lucky to be on one of those, there are loads of online games you can play. You can choose to take it a step further and get rewarded with real money for having fun on flight. 


Your vacation starts from when you started planning. Flight experience set the tone for the rest of the vacation. Planning your vacation starts with choosing the right airlines. Ensure you choose one that gives you not only good food but also entertainment and comfort. But you don’t need to rely totally on the airline for your entertainment and flight experience.

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