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Apple Develops Podcasts & Music Apps For Microsoft Store

by Tom Riddle
Apple Develops Podcasts & Music Apps For Microsoft Store

When it comes down to the apps available on Apple App Store, the numbers are spiking high but they are still lesser when compared to Android devices. However, the native Apple apps are famous for the user-friendly interface and promising outcomes. Well, it seems like Microsoft has been getting impressed by the apps as well. This is because the news has been making rounds as of Apple making the apps for launching them, especially on Microsoft Store.

Apple had started hiring engineers for building the next-generation media apps for Windows and this happened back in 2019. As a result, the Apple TV app was developed for the Xbox. Similarly, we have learned that Apple I working to develop the Podcasts and Music apps for the Microsoft Store, and its high chances that these apps could be launched to the public in the latter part of this year. According to the sources, Apple has been testing Podcasts and Music apps for the Microsoft podium (in beta).

As for now, we are not sure about the compatibility because no one knows if these apps will be supported for the Windows PC. Even more, it’s unsure if these apps were specifically designed for Xbox or with the Apple TV app. On the contrary, it’s safe to say that apps will be surely available for PC users, along with the discontinuation of iTunes back in 2019. This happened with the release of macOS Cataline. Apple still has iTunes for Windows but the upgraded features are still nary.

Even more, when it comes down to usability and experience, Apple Music and Podcasts are still not easy to access through iTunes (the experience is off). Back in the days when Apple was looking for app development engineers for Windows apps, they demanded the work experience with UWP, the Universal Windows Platform that’s commonly known as the modernized app platform for Windows. Even more, Apple has been incrementing service investments.

Since they have been increasing the horizons of their services, it’s only possible that Apple will start offering the apps and programs for other platforms. Back in 20020 when Apple was trying to launch the Apple TV app on the Microsoft Store, the app was released in November. So, there are high chances that a similar app launch schedule will be streamlined for Podcasts and Music apps. On the contrary, it’s still unclear if Apple is planning on replacing the iTunes app for Windows.

One needs to keep in mind that iTunes was split into the system services and distinctiveness apps but it still remains constant for the operating system of Microsoft. As far as the API is concerned, it was introduced along with Windows 10 that allowed the developers to deploy and write the software; it was a fine option for Xbox One, Windows 10, and HoloLens. On the other hand, the replacement of iTunes for Windows with Podcasts and Music apps will provide a new means of backing up and syncing the device.

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