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Apple Has Been Sued By The Non-Profit Group

by Tom Riddle
Apple Has Been Sued By The Non-Profit Group

It seems like Apple has been under great fire lately because various apps and people have been suing Apple for various reasons. Recently, App Store recently deleted Parler (at the start of this month) and a non-profit group has sued Apple. According to the suing notice, Apple is being asked to ban Telegram app, which is the popular messaging app and has become quite famous after WhatsApp updated their privacy updates.

This news was first reported by the Washington Post that coalition for the safer web group has said that Telegram is becoming the platform for extremists. According to them, these extremists are spreading the ideas on the web. This non-profit group is famous for advocating the policies and technologies that help remove the extremist content from the social media. As per the lawsuit, the group has accused the app for hosting the conversations for the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and hateful contents.

It is considered the violation of terms of service outlined by the App Store. In addition, there are chances that Google will be sued for the same reason in the coming future. This lawsuit was filed the District Court for the Northern California and is demanding Apple to remove the Telegram app from the App Store as Apple has recently deleted Parler for the same reason. Parler is famous for allowing the content regarding violence and explicit content without any filters.

Apple banned this app as they claimed that Parler is representing the threats of illegal activity and violence. Telegram is actually the messaging app which also has public groups and groups. These features can be accessed through the URL feature or the built-in search feature. Truth be told, it isn’t clear if Apple will ban Telegram from their app tore. On the contrary, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram has said that they are working on the feature-rich app that will be compliant with Safari.

On the other hand, the web app will be launched if Apple bans Telegram from the Apple App Store. The group has stated that Apple hasn’t banned Telegram app even if it’s against the terms of service since Telegram is allowing hate for extremist, explicit speech, and illegal behavior. As far as Apple is concerned, Apple hasn’t responded to this new lawsuit to public. The most intriguing factor is that this non-profit group has even shared the representational evidence.

The non-profit group basically hinted at the extremist activity with which the US Capitol was breached by the extremists and they said that Telegram is allowing the conversations and planning regarding such activities. This lawsuit is the pressure tactic used by the non-profit group, so Apple can act against Telegram as they have already taken action against Parler. Also, keep in mind that Google and Apple app stores have banned the app given the ineffective moderation policies.

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