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Apple Launches Battery Replacement Program For MacBook Pro Users

by Tom Riddle
Apple Launches Battery Replacement Program For MacBook Pro Users

Apple might be famous for the top-notch features and high-tech designs but Apple struggles in the niche of battery. This is because every Apple product has an issue with battery. Either the battery timing is less or the battery functionality is impaired. That being said, the MacBook Pro users would be able to relate to the fact that the battery doesn’t charge. This is mainly pinpointed towards the MacBook Pro models of 2016 and 2017 and Apple has launched the battery replacement program. These laptops have the issue with battery since it doesn’t charge past 1%.

According to Apple, this battery issue is persistent with a small group of people but it hasn’t identified the reason behind the charging issue. Along with the battery replacement program, Apple has launched macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 update that has the capacity to resolve the battery charging issues with 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models. The new update is coming with over one week after the launch of macOS Big Sur 11.2 that fixes the external display and Bluetooth connectivity issues. The users can check the eligibility for the replacement program through the battery health.

This status shows the service recommended message. For accessing the eligibility, open the Apple menu, move to the system preferences, and tap on the battery tab. Then, move to the battery on macOS Big Sur. In case of the macOS Catalina and earlier versions, the settings can be accessed by pressing the option key and tapping the battery icon from the menu bar. According to the support page of Apple, if the status shows that battery is normal, the battery is not affected by the issue mentioned in the battery replacement program.

On the contrary, if users find out that the battery is affected by the charging issues and meets the eligibility criteria for replacement, users can contact Apple. Once users get in touch with Apple, they will be able to replace the batteries for free. On the contrary, Apple is likely to examine the MacBook Pro laptop model before servicing. This is because Apple has to verify if the device is eligible for the free battery replacement program or not. In case the battery is affected, the users will see the service recommended message in the battery health status.

However, we have already mentioned that if the status shows that battery is normal, the battery doesn’t have an issue. Apple has been releasing such programs for resolving the battery issues with different laptops and iPhones. Recently, Apple launched a similar program for the MacBook users who had display issues. On the contrary, Apple still has a long way to go for resolving these issues because users often struggle with other issues that Apple doesn’t cater to. In addition, the free replacement and repairing programs are for very limited people.

This is because Apple only suffices to the issues that affect the least number of users. However, if you are the lucky one, Apple might label your products as “eligible” for repairing and replacement programs.

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