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Apple to Donate Millions To Contain HIC/AIDS & COVID-19

by Tom Riddle

Apple is surely the king of technology and they are making great leaps in the field as well. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple focuses on giving back to the world as well through their trusts, welfares, and donations. With the advent of COVID-19, they even tied knots with Google, their biggest tech rival for the greater good of the world since they wanted to create an app that could help contain the pandemic by sharing information of the contracted virus in the area.

Similarly, Apple has been in the partnership with RED for more than fourteen years now and they have managed to raise more than $250 million for containing HIV/AIDS through the specialized program. Apple is basically working on this program for containing HIV/AIDS in Africa but they are simultaneously trying to fight against COVID-19 as well. Back in 2016, Apple joined the RED mission for ending HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

With Apple’s partnership with RED, they try to prevent, test, and offer counseling services. With this raised money, they have managed to support more than 10.8 million people, accrediting to the support and care services. Besides, 13.8 million people have access to ARV treatment. Even more, the partnership is responsible for distributing over 167 million HIV tests. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the communities have become way more vulnerable.

That’s to say because this coronavirus pandemic has developed challenges for people in terms of accessing supplies, care, and overall diagnostics. However, Apple came to the rescue as always because they have managed to alleviate these challenges; they have ensured the continuity of HIV/AIDS services through redirection to the Global Funds. The funds were collected with the help of Apple and its consumers and it has positively influenced the containment of the epidemic and pandemic.

With this being said, additional contact tracing has been allowed in South Africa. Also, it helped secure the PPE and emergency medical equipment for health workers in Ghana. With these funds, Apple was able to purchase the motorbikes that were solely for delivering HIV medicine among the local communities. This was important because people couldn’t access medicine and treatment due to social distancing and other limitations.

Even more, Apple has managed to donate more than one million PPE units to the Ministry of Health in Zambia, along with the face shields and surgical masks. This equipment was designed and manufactured by Apple itself. As far as limiting HIV/AIDS is concerned, the RED apple products add to the donation money in the program. By June 2021, Apple is likely to direct 100% of RED product sales to Global Fund’s COVID-19 response.

As a result, this program will offer services and treatment to vulnerable communities around the world. By 7th December, Apple will donate $1 for every Apple Pay and Apple Store app purchases. Similarly, Apple is creating ongoing efforts for creating awareness for the eradication of HIV/AIDS, given the red window displays and logos.

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