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Apple’s Head of Global Security is Charged For Bribery

by Tom Riddle

Every iPhone user and MacBook users have ditched Android mobile phones and Windows laptops for the sake of security. However, Apple might be unable to see within the company because the head of global security at Apple has been bribed. Well, way to go Apple with your faulty security within the premises. But hey, the devices are still encrypted and promising high-end security.

So, last night, the head of global security was charged with bribery. His named is Thomas Moyer and he has been accused of offering bribes in the face of iPads. To date, he has bribed iPads of around $70,000 for the sake of getting the concealed firearms licenses. These charges were brought in by the grand jury of California.

However, Apple took its sweet time to respond to this charge because they didn’t immediately respond to such charging requests. In addition to head to global security, two police officers of Santa Clara County have been charged as well. Even more, these police officers include Sheriff Captain James Jenson and Undersheriff Rick Sung were requesting bribes.

These bribes were requested for the same reason; yes, for obtaining the concealed license for firearms. On the other hand, Mr. Moyer is now accused of offering these bribes. According to state law, carrying a concealed firearm without a concealed weapon license is a crime. In addition, Santa Clara County has put forward an allegation as well.

According to the allegation, Mr. Sung did hold back the issuing of concealed weapons. This is because they were not offering permits to the security team at Apple. With this being said, Mr. Moyer donated around $70,000 worth of iPads at the sheriff’s office and obtained the concealed weapon license for the security team.

For this purpose, the charge sheet has been developed and it states that the plan was developed at the end hour. Back in August 2019, Mr. Moyer and Mr. Sung pondered over the idea of a search warranty that can help seize the concealed weapon license records. As per the conclusion of the two-year investigation, Mr. Jensen and Mr. Sung wouldn’t issue the permits.

With this being said, the issues weren’t being released as long as applicants couldn’t provide the value. However, when people were found guilty, they would be charged the prison time. According to the district attorney of the country, the action is illegal; it doesn’t matter how you try to cover it up. In addition, this action will disrupt the criminal justice system and will adversely impact public confidence.

This is primarily because when the high-ranking members from the law enforcement agency are involved in the bribery schemes, it will adversely impact the badge’s image, along with the reputation and honor. Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it will adversely impact the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies.

With this being said, he has been charged and Apple hasn’t responded to this matter for now. It looks like Apple is undergoing a rough patch with bribery charges and theft of Apple products at the motorway!

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