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Car games for PC free

by Tom Riddle
Car games for PC

Get to know the best car games to download for free on PC. A selection that will make those who enjoy driving simulators have a great time.

There are  free games for PC  that have little to envy the more commercial alternatives. In the case of car video games, the wide range includes the possibility of downloading some complete programs free of charge. A great way to spend hours behind the wheel without having to pay a single euro.

Although traditionally the big entertainment franchises offered their products physically at a high cost, the arrival of the Internet and freemium models has made it possible to have free games for PC . It is for this reason that it is not necessary to spend a fortune to enjoy virtual driving good times.


It is one of the most popular free car video game sagas for PC of all time. It allows you to compete against drivers from all over the world on circuits full of jumps and loops. One of its main features is that it has a large number of tracks (up to 65) and the ability to customize the color of the car. Without a doubt, a great idea if you want to enjoy great moments piloting with the computer. Although it is not a fully open game, it does offer a free demo that can be played for free.

RaceRoom Racing Experience

Without a doubt, this is one of the best car games that you can enjoy without spending any money . Its graphics are spectacularly realistic and make the driver feel immersed in the game. In addition, it has the official license of cars, circuits and championships. This video game has a free version for PC in which you can choose between five vehicles and two different tracks. To be able to access more content it is necessary to make payments.

Victory The Age of Racing

 What differentiates this free car game for PC from the rest of the alternatives is that it offers the opportunity to choose between the racing cars that have been created over time. Among the nods to the past, it offers the possibility of selecting the first Formula 1 cars or some of the most legendary machines that have set foot on the circuits. It has several gameplay options such as online competitions, events and team games.

Asphalt 8

 The large number of cars available and the great technical quality of this alternative makes it difficult to assimilate that it is a free game for PC . It allows you to enjoy arcade games (with more than 40 circuits), participate in challenges or in online mode . The great possibility to customize each car makes it an alternative to the well-known Need For Speed.

Heavy Metal Machines

A free video game for PC that combines driving with the use of weapons. It is tremendously addictive and although it has a darker aesthetic, it is reminiscent of the famous Mario Kart . Among its strong points are the customization of the vehicles, its convoluted circuits and the possibility of competing with other players.

Forza Motor Sport 6

It is a saga of car racing video games that has built a great reputation on Xbox thanks to the great experience that its previous installments conveyed. Its landing on the PC comes from the hand of a free version for the computer in which you can choose between more than 60 cars and six tracks on which to roll them. It has some really beastly graphics and a formulated scoring system that guarantees great moments of entertainment.

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