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HP 255 G7 Review – An AMD Ryzen 3 Laptop with 8GB RAM & 256GB SSD

by Tom Riddle

In the forthcoming and recent HP laptops compendium, the HP 255 G7 stands out with its budget-oriented price factor. With the latest features in-hand and modern specs, this one seems to promise a satisfactory performance. But what we are not sure of is whether it can fulfill versatile user demands up to the extent of their yearning. One thing we are undoubtedly optimistic about is that this laptop can provide a great value for money.

The hp 255 G7 review today will examine the key specifications and evaluate major features of this HP laptop. We have delved deeper into several elements and how far it can go in terms of real performance.

HP 255 G7 Specs

Processor: AMD Ryzen 3

Display: 15.6 in, 1920 x 1080


Storage: 256 GB SSD

GPU: AMD Radeon Vega

Operating System: Windows 10

Mini Specs Overview

The specs sheet clearly identifies that the HP 255 G7 is going to be a productive AMD laptop. Majorly, it features the AMD Ryzen 3 which is a different processor than Intel. It is rather known for its creative processing capability and deals better comparatively in case of graphic tasks. The RAM inserted is around 8GB, which is a sufficient memory capacity for daily to average computing efficiency. The fair integration is the solid-state drive storage of 256GB and operating system we are getting is Windows 10. Another interesting spec of this laptop is the AMD Radeon graphics instead of the regular Intel UHD which is usually seen in other HP laptop models.

What’s New?

One of the newest additions in the HP 255 G7 is the lightweight and sleeker build that it has unlike its predecessors. However, mainly all of the other factors are kind of kept similar whether it’s the material used in build or the display type.  From the connectivity to the other integrations that have been a part of previous editions are kept same in this laptop.

Screen– The Overall Display Quality

HP 255 G7 Display and Screen

The 15.6-inch screen is relatively large with the full HD Resolution and an anti-glare pane for zero reflection issues. The display uses an SVA panel instead of an IPS one which makes it hard to view angles from every edge. But the lid of the laptop is easily bendable with both hands and the narrower bezels make the display wider. The sRGB colour gamut coverage is acceptable at 67% but the brightness is not strong enough with 220 nits. At this price, you are still getting a compatible display for watching standard videos, working on several documents, or playing casual games.

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Design, Build & Style

HP 255 G7 Built Quaity

One can never know that easily that the HP 255 G7 is mostly made from plastic. In fact, many people could actually doubt about it being an aluminium-made laptop. But mainly the plastic body is crafted well with the smooth surface texture and a durable chassis. It’s not as easy to break the laptop in case you accidentally drop it. The rounded corners are well-placed and adjusted to the sides to not get affected very easily. The outer body of the laptop is given Silver grey colour which makes it look elegant with an inner black keyboard exterior. The HP Logo placed on the back of the cover has a shine which apparently gives it more gorgeous attire.

The Hardware Equipment – Performance Factor

HP 255 G7 Hardware

The performance of the HP 255 G7 depends on its AMD Ryzen 3 processor, 8GB RAM and the SSD 256 GB storage. The processor comes with AMD Ryzen 3 – 3200 U model which has 2 CPU cores and 4 threads. The base clock speed of the processor is around 2.6 GHz while the maximum turbo speed it can reach up to is 3.5 GHz. This makes it seemingly reliable processing engine that can take your daily digital tasks like a specialist. Projects that involve Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop can be performed conveniently on this laptop. You do not necessarily get any lags unless you are running extraordinary operations on it.

Alongside the adequate memory and the solid-state drive storage, the pre-installed operating system of Windows 10 is a good addition. You get all the latest updated apps available on this laptop without any further barrier or procedure. The graphics to our interest are the upgraded AMD Radeon Vega GPU settings which were able to process games like Fortnite smoothly. You get to experience lag-free and crisper visuals on the screen with minimum glitches.

Battery Power


The battery capacity interval that the HP 255 G7 consumes is not very impressive. You get an average lasting hour timing of 5 to 6 hours. This is decent but not great and consequently, we were not expecting much from it. But you are for sure able to pass through working hours or important tasks in the daytime without any reluctance. The 41Wh battery cell with Wi-Fi and all of the active tasks has the reachable tendency of up to 6 hours. Without consecutive usage of Wi-Fi, you can go on to 7 8 hours.

Ports & Keyboard

HP 255 G7 Ports

One another satisfactory element of the HP 255 G7 is its generous amount of ports collection. There are HDMI, USB Type A ad USB Type B and USB Type C ports included which are more than what an average user require. HP has also included SD card reader so you can conveniently enhance your storage capacity whenever you need.

The keyboard attached with the HP 255 G7 is brilliantly placed with tactile feedback and decent key travel. The key size is quite nice and if you are a complex typing agent you would most definitely enjoy typing on it. There is no backlighting included in the keyboard which we really wished for, but HP has not incorporated it.

Final Verdict

On an overall basis, the HP 255 G7 is a suitable AMD laptop for everyday users as well as creative experts. You can use it for regular usage of software tools, apps and consistent web surfing. The battery is not great; however, it is acceptable up to the price justification. The laptop provides a viable value for money that you will make sure to give its best in every computing operation. You can check this laptop out for yourself directly at Laptop Outlet store online UK.

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