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5 Reasons Why You Need A Video Wall Screen

by Tom Riddle
Video Wall Screen

Video wall screens provide an immersive experience that’s impossible to replicate with a standard TV screen or even two, three, or four separate screens side-by-side. They’re great for watching movies, playing video games, streaming live sports events like the World Cup and Super Bowl, and even just hanging out with friends and family because there’s so much more screen space to see what everyone’s doing on their laptops or tablets without having to use split screens or side-by-side viewing. Here are five reasons why you need a video wall screen in your home today!

1) A Wall Screen Is huge:

A video wall screen is one of the most impressive ways to watch TV and movies, but it can be hard to find the perfect size and configuration for your room. Luckily, you don’t have to settle on just one screen size! A video wall screen is created by combining multiple screens together into one seamless surface. Video wall screens typically come in widths ranging from 10-30 feet. And because they’re modular, you can add or remove screens as your needs change. So if you’re ready to upgrade your viewing experience, here are 5 reasons why __

2) A Wall Screen Is Immersive:

A wall screen is immersive, with the TV filling up your field of view. People who have been lucky enough to experience this in person say that it’s like being inside the show, and not just watching it. Plus, because you’re looking at one big screen instead of three or four smaller screens, you’re less likely to miss something important happening in the show. And if you want to get even more immersed in the action, we recommend getting some motion-controlled gaming chairs and placing them right under your video wall. The chairs come with built-in vibration feedback so you can feel every explosion and impact as if you were actually there on set!

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3) A Wall screen provides A Superior Viewing Experience:

As a consumer, you have the right to be picky when it comes to your home viewing experience. So why not ask for more? A wall screen will provide you with the ultimate viewing experience, and can make watching movies or playing video games that much more immersive. With one of these screens in your living room, you won’t ever want to go back.

4) A Wall Screen Is Designed For Ease Of Use:

A wall screen brings everything together and turns your living room into an entertainment hub. When you have multiple TVs hanging on the wall, you don’t need to worry about running cables or having them take up space on your coffee table. Plus, it is easier to move around furniture and find different angles for everyone to watch the TV. One of the best things about wall screens is that they provide a cleaner look because they are not taking up as much visual space in your home.

5) A wall Screen Brings Everything Together:

If you’ve ever seen the show Silicon Valley, it’s not hard to see why video walls have become so popular. They bring everything together and make it more immersive for the viewer. Plus, there are plenty of awesome features that make for an incredible viewing experience. If you’re looking to take your TV viewing experience to the next level, here are five reasons why you need a video wall screen in your home…

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