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Get the Quran Classes You Need Online Via Skype

by Tom Riddle
Quran Classes Online Skype

Allah (swt) revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (saw) through the angel Jibreel (as). It is considered to be the last message from God and provides guidance for all of mankind on how to live their lives in accordance with Islam. Therefore, understanding and applying the teachings in this divine book can be incredibly beneficial to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Quran classes online skype you can learn through your software like Skype will teach you proper Arabic pronunciation as well as allow you to work at your own pace so that learning how to read Quran online becomes enjoyable rather than frustrating.

Who Can Benefit From Our Courses?
-If you want to learn about the Quran and its teachings, these courses are for you.
-If you’re new to Islam and want to learn more, this is a great way to do so.
-If you’re looking to brush up on your existing knowledge of the Quran, this will help you do that as well.
-This is also a great opportunity for those who have been Muslim their whole lives but never had much access to teaching or learning opportunities in their area.
-It’s a convenient way for Muslims in different locations–even those with limited internet access–to get quality religious education without having to travel long distances.

How Many Lessons Are There?
The lessons are on a one-on-one basis. They last for 45 minutes and are conducted in Arabic, but there is English translation available. There are six lessons, one every other day. The course covers all four sections of the Quran: Al-Sajdah (The Prostration), Al-Baqa’a (The Rising), Al-Waqi’ah (The Event) and Ash-Shuara’ (The Poets).

How Long Does it Take to Complete Each Module in The Course?
Each module in our course is roughly 45 minutes long. This includes a short introduction, the main lesson and a quick recap of key points. The lessons are structured so that each one builds on what came before, with more difficult concepts and verses appearing later in your study. We understand that life can get busy, which is why we’ve made it easy for you to pause your study or skip ahead as needed.

Advantages of our classes
The advantages of online Quranic lessons are many, but one of the biggest is that you can take them from any location. This is a huge convenience for those who are not able to attend in-person classes for a variety of reasons including work, distance, and childcare. On top of that, there’s no need to worry about forgetting what you learned or missing out on an opportunity for progress as your teacher will review all material with you each week. You’ll never find yourself falling behind or getting frustrated because our teachers make sure that each lesson is paced at a level appropriate for your knowledge.

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