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Best Desktop PCs for Medical Stores Staff

by Tom Riddle

Finding best desktop PCs for medical stores staff seem like a not so usual task. Some of you might even say it should not be counted as a task because a good regular desktop PC computer could be enough. However, it is important to know there are certain requirements that are typically associated if you work in a medical store. From keeping the records of medicines, to having a history of disease and their sequenced doses and billing, there is a lot to work on.

If you are a part of medical store staff, or you have your own medical store, there is a probability you must get hands on the best desktop computer for the place. Not only having a PC computer will ease a lot of everyday tasks and staff procedures, but it will also be feasible to have a clear track record.

With our expertise research and narrowed down list, we have accumulated top 3 picks for medical stores staff. Drop down to view the selection of best desktop PCs for medical use!

Lenovo ThinkCentre M700

Lenovo ThinkCentre M700

Windows 10 Pro

| 128 GB SSD

| Intel Core i5 6th Gen

| 4 GB RAM

| Intel UHD Graphics GPU

The Lenovo ThinkCentre makes a very portable and affordable desktop PC. It is the perfect device to store anywhere in a medical store, whether you have small space. As it comes with space-saving, thin design factor, it is even greater news with an extra bit of ports collection. It is well-oriented towards productive users and businessmen, who need to use computer or have a proper setup for their work.

Firstly, this Lenovo PC drives to be a great source of power for everyday to advanced computing operations with its Intel Core i5. The 6th Generation Quadcore processor operates with a base speed of 2.7 GHz while the maximum turbo speed is around 3.3 GHz. It also comes with built-in security so that you can easily have your important files, documents or any work let in the system without any hazard.

Moreover, there is 4GB RAM integrated in the PC which is good enough for basic to daily medical store duties. It can handle everyday tasks without having to show any particular lags or slowdown. With that, there is a solid-state drive storage included which is about 128GB, so you can store files conveniently. There are plenty of ports included in the PC including USB Type A, Type B and C port slot as well. You also get an SD card option to enhance the storage without any reluctancy.

Lenovo IdeaCentre 510 Desktop PC

Lenovo IdeaCentre 510

Windows 10

| Intel Core i5 8th Gen.

| 8 GB RAM

| Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU

| 1 TB HDD

Think about getting a solid core i5 PC and here is an ideal option. The Lenovo IdeaCentre 510 holds its gear with its solidly packed specs including the powerful Intel Core i5 processor. With its Hexacore processing, the base speed that the processor has sets to be around 2.8 GHz. The maximum turbo speed frequency it can reach up to is 4 GHz, which means you can easily work on heavy software.

The Lenovo IdeaCentre 510 strikes with its classy silver attire and a CD port on the front that sports a decent look. You can expect a productive boost, and a rock-solid performance from this Lenovo PC with good feature combination. Stream 4k, run multiple programs at once or render videos, this Lenovo PC takes it all like a pro.

Coming on to the major specs, the PC is armed with a sufficient memory of 8GB RAM. With that, there is a perfect blend of hard-disk drive storage of 1TB. The operating system installed in the PC is the Windows 10 which is preferable for daily use in medical store. On the ports side, there is also a 7-in-1 SD card reader which is an exceptional advantage for enhanced storage. Alongside, the ports that are added include 4 major USB ports, HDMI, Display, and audio slots as well.

ASUS Chromebox CN62-G104U Mini Desktop PC

ASUS Chromebox CN62-G104U


| Intel Core i7 5th Gen.

| 4 GB RAM

| Intel HD Graphics GPU

| 16 GB SSD

The ASUS Chromebox CN62 is one of the smallest form factor PCs that come with adequate specs and features. It is packed with the Intel Core i7 processor from 5th Gen model that processes with the turbo speed of 3 GHz. With the sleek and portable design that this PC has, it can be termed as one of the most easily adjustable computers. You can fix it anywhere even if you have the smallest corner in a room and it also feels nothing in weight as compared to other PCs.

The PC features a 4GB RAM that comes with a solid-state drive storage of 16 GB. This may not be extensive storage, but the SD Card slot option provided by ASUS keeps up with it. Plus, there is also Chrome operating system installed in this PC which is great for business use or medical store operations. This is mainly because it is based on cloud storage and every task you perform, or store gets automatically saved.

In addition, this ASUS PC comes with a good array of ports including Display Port ++, HDMI, USB Type A and B. There is also Kensington lock added in the ports section for giving an extra security edge to the PC. Along with that, you get a 4 in 1 card reader which is best to have your storage options enhanced. You will also find Bluetooth 4.0 and audio jack that comes along with the other ports.

Bottom Line

All of the above-mentioned desktop PCs can be your next best buy, if you work in a medical store or you are looking for PCs for it. You can find their detailed specs, user reviews and exclusive discounts on them at Laptop Outlet UK online. We hope we have helped you through the selection in case you were on the hunt!

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