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HP Chromebook 11A G8 Review – A Light Weight Laptop for Students

by Tom Riddle
HP Chromebook 11A G8 Review

To say the HP Chromebook 11A G8 is designed exquisitely for students and common employees wouldn’t be an understatement. The modern chassis, portable design of this HP Chromebook packs a bag of features that are education-oriented and support advanced multitasking. The design is made with rock-hard durability and can survive knocks and bumps without any second thought.

HP’s array of Chromebooks represents reliability and durable build, and so as the HP Chromebook 11A G8. Priced at £269.99, the 11A G8 is rather an affordable sleek laptop that students, teachers, and primary employees can easily afford. To further evaluate how well the specs, stand up in the performance factor, we have reviewed this HP Chromebook today.


  • AMD A4-9120C |1.6 GHz Max Turbo Speed 2.4 GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB eMMC
  • AMD Radeon R4 Integrated Graphics
  • Chrome OS 64-bit
  • 6in HD Display (1366 x 768) Resolution
  • Weight: 1.37 Kg

Design – Thinner & Lighter

The 11-inch HP Chromebook feels lighter in hand with 1.3 kg weight and a trimmed build with sleek edges. The compact body structure combines durability with rugged surface and is more prone to handle any accidental blows. The metal-reinforced corners with robust chassis, a metal-anchored keyboard makes this laptop a supremely solid build. So, if this laptop is owned by younger users like students or kids, it is way less likely that there can be any damage. This laptop is available in two classic colours including Sage Green and Chalkboard gray.

Display – 180° Hinge

The display surrounds thin bezels with slimmer look and wider view. So, despite being an 11 incher, the display delivers a wide view with convenient viewing angles. The Resolution is HD quality with 1366×768, not top-notch, but although good for the price factor. The screen is a matte panel that seemingly avoids reflections and can be viewed under the sun without any negligence.  There is also an optional privacy camera integrated on the top of the display, which allows covering the webcam in case of hacking and privacy.

The screen can be rotated until 180-degree, so either lay it flat on the desk or the ground. This improves the visibility if one is sitting anywhere out and needs to change the viewing angles. We watched couple of our favourite shows on Netflix and the display quality is decent to view it all-day long.

Performance – Exceeds the Low Budget Value

The processor equipment in the HP Chromebook 11A G8 includes an AMD processor, who no-way leaves behind the Intel Celeron. The AMD A4 acts as a solid mid-range processor that initiates with the base speed of 1.6GHz. In the maximum turbo boost, the speed can reach up to 2.4 GHz which is ideal for basic computing. This laptop defines everyday computing on a much easier level with levelled up speed and reliability.

Even though, the laptop is priced at rather a low-budget cost, the RAM of 4GB seems perfectly suitable for average task scenario. Additionally, the storage is combined with 32GB eMMC, which can be extended with the upgradability choice in the hardware. Everyday multitasking shows no major lags, and you can open few tabs or Windows and work simultaneously through all tabs.

Battery – Excellent

The battery capacity of the HP Chromebook 11A is remarkable with over 11 hours of long-lasting durability. The single charge can usually deliver a 13-hour continuous performance but with more playback videos, you can stream it for approx. 11 to 12 hours. This battery life is pretty good for everyday casual or outgoing users, making it an all-day long battery powerbomb. You can recharge the laptop in almost 90 minutes which isn’t too long, considering many other laptops in the market.

Chrome OS

If you are a fan of cloud storage, the Chrome Operating System is a good option for you. Just like most of the Chromebooks, the HP Chromebook 11A integrated a Chrome OS instead of the regular Windows. Users who are more fond of Windows should prepare themselves to buy this one. But, with its modern approach on the applications and curriculum, you will be able to find everything that is in the Windows. Moreover, the cloud storage saves everything on cloud which is a good tactic for business users or those who have a lot of data.

Bottom Line – Price & Availability

The HP Chromebook is available in exactly 269 pounds and is rather a much economical Chromebook laptop in the tech-market. This Chromebook proves to be an ideal companion if you are a casual digital user and like to pack a laptop always in the bag while travelling. With its basic computing power, this laptop manages basic day-to-day tasks without any glitches or lag. The design, build and display quality are kept at its best for modern users and exceeds expectations, especially in comparison to the price factor. To view the specs, features and customer reviews, you can also directly visit the official Laptop Outlet UK Store.


“Prices and products Availability are subjected to change accordingly!”

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