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HP Probook 430 G6 Business Laptop Review

by Tom Riddle
HP-ProBook-430-G6 review

The HP ProBook is a power-packed laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor that serves both looks and purpose. This beautiful laptop has an 8 GB Ram along with 256 Solid State Drive and battery life better than other laptops you have ever come across. This ProBook delivers results just like all HP Laptops. Known for its exceptional performance, it is durable and versatile. It has a display so stylish that it will complement your lifestyle and will make you look dapper, and professional. It also offers multiple ports to enable you to connect as many external devices as possible.

According to HP Laptops, the HP ProBook has been recorded to increase productivity in users because of its longer battery life and better visuals that keep the user immersed in work. To find out how much truth lies in that statement we put this laptop to test. We used every feature and made sure to check every function to determine how good of a ProBook it actually is. We tested it for its performance, practicality, durability, boot-up time, battery life, transfer speed, and much more. To find out if it survived all the tests of time continue reading and then decide for yourself if it is worth your money or not:

Specifications Sheet

Processor Type: Intel Core i5, 1.60 GHz Processor

Type of Storage: Solid State Drive (SSD)

Operating System: Windows 10

Solid State Drive Capacity: 256 GB

Size of Screen: 13.3 inches

Operating System Edition: Professional

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Warranty by Manufacturer: 1 Year

Best Suited For: Casual Computing

Colour: Silver

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics Processing Type: On-Board/ Integrated Graphics

Powerful Processor

The HP ProBook comes with an 8th Generation powerful Intel Core i5 processor with a turbo speed of 1.60 GHz. This powerful processor is perfect for multitasking because it can handle a heavy workload and your laptop will not die on you. Meet all your deadlines and get done with your office chores side by side with the impressive processor that increases productivity and ensures favourable results.

Design & Display

The ProBook’s stylish design is practical and it is designed to complement business looks making you stand out. This ultra-slim laptop with a keyboard deck made with durable industry grade stamped aluminium is made for office use. Moreover, the silver colour adds to the beauty of the laptop. Not just that, the HP ProBook is very lightweight owing to its ultra-slimness making it easier to carry it around without any support or extra luggage.

In addition to that, the 13.3 inches optimally sized screen with 1920×1080 resolution allows you to watch movies and play games in vivid colours and sharp clarity. Enjoy conference calls in a new light where everyone can see you clearly and vice versa.


The HP ProBook allows you to quickly switch to desktop productivity thanks to its docking feature supported by a single cable. The docking is done through a USB-C which lets the user connect with multiple external displays. Furthermore, you can also connect to a power source and a gigabit network connection with the help of optional docks available. All of this means that you get more connectivity options than ever. So, you can transfer your data between your external devices and your ProBook with the snap of your fingers.

HP ProBook 430 G6 Design UK

Engaging Environment

The ProBook gives the user a memorable immersive experience. It has excellent audio experience which directly improves the quality of your calls and videos. Moreover, it has also made conferencing very simple for Business Certified HP ProBook’430 with new features including HP Noise Cancellation and HP Audio Boost. Both features aim to make sounds clearer and louder without interfering with the quality.

Battery Life

The ProBook has an outstanding battery life which allows you to do most of your chores in a single sitting. The battery last longs enough that you do not have to plug your charger in multiple times. Amplifying the battery life, the fast charging feature improves performance. You can charge 90 percent of the battery in just 90 minutes.

Both battery life and fast charging increase productivity in users because they do not have to leave their place to plug in charger multiple times throughout the day which in return maintains their focus and they can get work done quickly.

HP ProBook 430 G6 Specs

Workload Tested

HP ProBook has been tested for high workloads and turns out it can stand up to the workload. It has been designed in a way to pass MIL-STD 810G testing. So, you do not have to worry about the ProBook lagging or completely stopping while you are working with heavier files. It will handle all your office workload and will make working fun for you.

Cancel Noise

You can comfortably work in a library without getting dirty stares from people because the ProBook’s Laptop has HP Noise Cancellation feature which suppresses keyboard clicks. So, that means you can work quietly in a library without disturbing anyone’s peace.

Our Verdict

HP laptops never compromise on quality and give value for money. The HP ProBook is no exception. It is worth your money. Not only did it survive all our tests, but it also proved to be capable of bearing more workload than normal. If you want to increase productivity at your workplace then this is the right choice for you.

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