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Lenovo 14w Review – An Affordable AMD Laptop

by Tom Riddle
Lenovo 14w Review

The Lenovo 14w makes up to be a good AMD laptop in the budget lineup of Lenovo laptops range. It primarily focuses on online students and professionals, who undergo a certain digital schedule every day. This Lenovo Notebook forms a perfect balance of features and cost it represents and provides sufficient specs.

There are many Lenovo Chromebooks and Notebooks that may be best for students or online workers. This one, however, is clearly on an extremely affordable side with its nits and grits. But the main factor is that the device proves to provide an excellent value for money.

Lenovo 14w Specs

Processor: AMD A6-9220C

Processor Speed: 1.8 GHz Max Turbo Speed 2.7 GHz

Screen Size: 14 in

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080


Storage: 64 GB SSD, 64 GB HDD

Graphics: AMD Radeon GPU

OS: eLux

Connectivity: USB 3.0, USB-C

Mini Overview

Overseeing the specs of the Lenovo 14w, this laptop provides the best storage option including two types of storages. The RAM is fairly decent comparing to the cost bracket. Plus, the major change here is that you get an AMD processor instead of Intel one. The AMD A6 is equipped with its latest Gen model which we will have to see how well it performs, in our Lenovo 14w review. Another major change is the eLux operating system which isn’t quite popular in Notebooks or Laptops.

The Aluminium Build & Design

Lenovo 14w Design

From the attire, the Lenovo 14w gives the appearance of an elegantly designed laptop that has a solid feel to it. Of course, the aluminium body of the laptop make it more classy than the usual plastic ones. According to Lenovo, the laptop has been tested with military-grade durability for toughness and withstanding bumps. To us, the laptop also felt strong to go through accidental knocks or fall offs. But the weight of the laptop stays on the lighter side which makes it extremely portable. The design is crafted for everyday travelers or students who have to be online for their assignments or work every time.

Performance – The Hardware Selection


You will not come across the usual Intel processor in the Lenovo 14w and hence, AMD takes up for this Notebook. The processor featured in this laptop is the AMD A6 which has the base speed of 1.8 GHz and a max turbo speed of 2.7 GHz. For daily basic computing, this processing speed is absolutely fine and works ideally, even for multitasking. The 4GB RAM is pretty much common in many of the laptops and we can suffice with it considering the price factor. But, in case of storage, Lenovo has impressed by inserting two storage options including solid-state drive and Hard disk drive. The 64GB storage is decent for average files and programs and you can enhance the storage with SD card port.



The battery inside the Lenovo 14w prevails during the daytime, extending hours between 9 to 11. So, mostly office workers or student can go through the day without any plug-in pressure. The 57 Wh battery power equipped in this device makes sure to deliver accurate battery timing. Use this Notebook while travelling or your long-hour flight, and you wouldn’t get any battery issues.


Lenovo 14w Ports

On the ports side, the Lenovo 14w maximizes its collection with every type of port included in it. Along with the HDMI and USB 3.0 port, there is also a Type C USB port included by Lenovo. The USB 3.1 and 3.0 ports on one side are also there for multiple connections along with SD card.

Audio & Graphics

The audio included in the Lenovo 14w has good speakers, but not that great. The bass of the audio has been kept on the lighter side but for a small sized room, you’ll hear good audio sounds. The graphics settings that you will find in the Lenovo 14w are the AMD Radeon. These graphics perform good for immersive visuals, full HD movies and games.


To put it in concise form, the Lenovo 14w is a prominent choice when it comes to a very economical budget. Besides few tweaks, Lenovo has included most of the specs that fulfill all the criteria of basic computing. You can count on the storage with its two-way choice, and the processor for modern to everyday tasks. The laptop doesn’t often show any glitches or screen stuttering but there could be few lags if you run heavy intensity programs. The best factor of this laptop remains to be its portable design and classy build that allows you to take it along anywhere, any time. Overall, the laptop is a great choice for reasonable buyers. You can check user reviews and detailed specs of this Lenovo laptop, directly at Laptop Outlet.

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