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Which Smartphone has the Best front-facing Camera?

by Tom Riddle
Best front-facing Camera

Taking selfies have become the necessity in the modern era, and this is the reason front-facing selfie cameras carry a lot of importance. When we talk about cameras, Oppo mobile phones are part of the evident brands that come in mind. With latest Oppo technology used in all the smartphones, the cameras of these phones are more intriguing. Today, we have lined up one of the best Oppo smartphones that has the high-quality camera equipment. The Oppo Find X2 Pro is a brilliant camera phone that also packs 32 MP selfie camera for incredible front-faced photos.

Best Front-Cam Smartphone: Find X2 Pro 5G

OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G

Operating System: ColorOS 7.1


Storage: 512GB ROM

Rear Camera: 48MP WAC, 48MP

Front: 32MP

Display: 120Hz | OLED | 3168*1440

Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865

Warranty: 2 Years

Camera Quality

Find X2 Pro 5G Front Camera

Although, the rear camera setup of the Oppo Find X2 Pro 5G is impressive as well, the front camera does not fall behind. It comes with 32 Mega Pixel lens that has f/2.4 aperture and 5P lens which is indeed a good spec combo for enhanced pictures or videos. It also comes across the resolution of 6560*4928 which can easily support 1080P/720P videos.

Photo & Video Modes

There are several modes that you can get from the front camera of the Oppo Find X2 Pro. These include the AI beautification mode, support-night mode and Intelligent fill light modes. Plus, there are other effects that you can use while taking a selfie such as HDR modes or artistic modes. You can take your pictures as per your preferences. Some of you might like to improvise your skin tone, colour and skim your appearance, and for that the beautification mode will work best. The night mode is especially included in this mobile phone for darker lighting conditions, so your selfies still come out strong.

Colour Contrast

The colour contrast of the front-camera that is equipped in the Oppo Find X2 Pro delivers vivid, crisp, and bright colours. You would not encounter any faded colours on the screen when you are taking your selfie. There are many flagship mobiles that do not have as impressive front cameras as their rear cameras are. This camera, however, has one of the attractive contrasts where you can also adjust the colours with several modes.

Portrait Mode

The Find X2 Pro also gets its users the portrait mode which allows you to take photos with blurred backgrounds. You can easily take clear and crisp selfies with no background noise or unusual framing. Plus, this portrait mode also produces a shallow effect on your picture with an accurate white balance. You can also adjust the intensity of your blur according to your liking, which means you can make your background more or less blurred. The live mode and portrait mode are pretty much the same in this mobile phone, but you can enjoy a greater edge-detection in portrait modes.

Low-Light Selfies

Selfies can always be an issue under dark light or very less brightness in your surroundings. The low-light selfie modes equipped in mobiles help in the best way for extremely dim lights or no lighting at all. Through this mode, you can still click selfies with a sufficient exposure on your face. This mode enhances the colours, brightness and contrasts of overall picture and can help build photo quality for dim conditions.

Bottom Line

The Oppo Find X2 mobile phone is hands-down one of the best selfie camera phones that you will find in the tech market. With its advanced modes, crisp quality and better Resolution, the camera delivers as per the user expectations. Whether you are clicking a photo in darker lighting or having to capture a wholesome bright and bold photo, this camera can serve its best. The amazing part about it is that you can change the entire camera mode and also short 1080p videos quite easily.

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