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Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus Review – 4G Lenovo Tablet

by Tom Riddle
Review Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus

Who doesn’t want a super tablet these days. Tablets give you performance and productivity on the go. You can feel the power of a good operating system and that too in the palm of your hand. Let us go through a great tablet from Lenovo for you guys to buy. So, let’s just dive in.


Well, this is great tablet from Lenovo. It has great specs and features. This powerful tablet is powered by MediaTek Helio P22T with Octa-core 2.3GHz processor. Lenovo Tab M10 has a memory of 2GB RAM and a storage space of 32GB eMMC. It is Android 9.0 compatible. The operations are smooth and fast paced. Plus, the great storage has got you covered. You can store all your favourite apps, games, and videos in this tablet. These killer specs make this tablet a really-powerful tablet.


Let us just talk about the great display of this majestic tablet. The display is good on its 10.3 inch wide screen multi-touch display. Experience the best streams on its 1920×1200 resolutions. The experience of gaming on this tablet is quite good. The colours are razor sharp and the display is cutting edge. You can watch videos or movies with your whole family on the big 10.3 inch display.


Get the best audio experience with this beast of a tablet. You can enjoy your streaming and gaming with crisp distortion free audio. It has dual speakers powered by Dolby Atmos. It lets you feel the audio up and around you. You can enjoy the music on the headsets, or just crank the volume high and enjoy the booming audio.

Kid’s Friendly:

Let the kids enjoy the tablet experience. You can now feel safe, when your kids are using this tablet with its kid’s protection features. It has safe and secure kid’s friendly interface. Children can view kid’s friendly content, so you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Plus, with specialized eye protection, you and your kids can stream or play on this tablet for the whole day without damaging the eyes. It has low blue-light display which keeps the stress to your eyes at minimum.

Smart Charging Station:

It comes with a real cool smart charging station. You can dock your tablet in the charging station and turn it into a smart screen, so you can enjoy the streams with the handsfree experience. You can dock your tablet in this charging station and turn it into a mini theatre, which you can enjoy with your whole family while it keeps charging. Plus, you can enjoy the handsfree operations with Google Assistant.

Style And Durability:

In the looks this tablet gets a five stars from our side. The slim and sleek body is very stylish and classy. Its slim body makes it super cool and super light-weight too. But being light-weight does not mean it is a delicate device. It has a metallic body which makes it strong and durable as well. It can take a good amount of beating. So, you can enjoy using your tablet in a carefree manner.


Don’t let the special moments in your life slip away. This tablet by Lenovo is equipped with an 8 MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. The camera result overall is quite decent. Picture quality is good. You can even make great videos on it. Make your video journal or create vlogs with this laptop.

Don’t Settle For Less, Choose The Best:

Well, we found out in this review that this Lenovo Tab M10, is definitely one of the best Lenovo Tablets, if not the best. It is really-good for your personal use and even for the whole family. The features are great and provide a smooth interface and fast paced experience. It is quite slim and stylish along with being super durable with its strong body. This is definitely a must-have for you guys out there. Buy this Lenovo tablet or choose from a wide range of 4G Tablets only at laptoparena.co.uk.

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