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Review: HP OMEN 25L, Core i5 Processor, 16GB RAM with 1TB HDD+256GB SSD

by Tom Riddle
HP OMEN 25L Review

A feature-packed HP desktop PC is always better for gaming as well as highly advanced operations. The HP OMEN 25L is the latest production of HP that is jam-packed with powerful processor and a lot more. The bigger RAM capacity upgraded NVIDIA graphics and optimization features make it a big machine. Another best factor of this HP Desktop computer is that it is easily upgradable and a solidly accessible device. You cannot miss it if you are in the search of a dutiful gaming PC or a wonderfully running system. We have reviewed the specs, and compiled features in today’s HP OMEN 25L review. Continue to read on further if you’d really like to know.

HP OMEN 25L Specs

Processor: Intel Core i5 10th Gen.

RAM: 16 GB

Storage: 256 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

Operating System: Windows 10



Build & Design

The HP OMEN 25L is not the most appealing gaming desktop PC out there, but it is manageable with its red RGB lighting. The rigid facia it has comes with a subtle texture that is curated with the OMEN logo. The red backlighting is aggressive for gaming, especially if you are playing some intense games. It might not interest all sorts of gamers.

From the size, this HP PC will not take up as much space as many other gaming desktop PCs could. It has a tool-less design which makes it easier for the consumers to grab the inner space and upgrade components. There is a diverse collection of ports included in the HP OMEN 25L which makes it apparently great for connectivity.  If you are a videographer or photographer, the SD card slot adjusted right on the top is good news for you.


If you go on the verge of finding flaws in the performance of HP OMEN 25L, you might not see anything. It does the job without breaking any sweat, whether you are into complex gaming or technical software usage. It is armed with the Intel Core i5 processor that has the base speed of 2.9 GHz and the maximum turbo speed of 4.3 GHz. It goes through the even most demanding games with its hexa core processing.

The 16GB RAM is paired up with the two-way storage of SSD AND HDD. The PC is armed with the 256GB solid-state drive storage and 1TB hard-disk drive storage. You can have your hands on extensive files, programs, apps, or documents. We ran all the AAA titles on the HP OMEN, and it showed no particular lags at all.



The graphics included in the HP OMEN 25L are the dedicated graphics by NVIDIA. The GPU setting comes from the latest GeForce series of RTX 2060, which can take graphics-hungry apps easily. The G-Sync technology in the display makes it even better for 4k UHD gaming display, multitasking and more.

Upgradability, Software & More

The HP OMEN 25L has got a lot of space for upgrading any components, or tools as per your requirement. You get three extra hard drives and four slots of RAM, which can be filled just the way you want. There are also configuration options available that include Intel Optane memory and liquid cooling. The software used in the system is Windows 10 which is better for every latest functionality and operation.



Final Verdict

If you are a teenager gamer, the HP OMEN 25L can be the perfect PC to make your fellas jealous. Generally talking, this gaming PC runs productively for all the tasks you throw at it. You can run AAA title games, without having any particular lags or unusual slowdowns. With its dedicated graphics support and latest core i5, you can get into a lot of tech-savvy applications or programs.

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