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The Best GTX Gaming Laptops in 2021

by Tom Riddle

If gaming is your cup of tea, then we will tell you the best GTX gaming laptops you need to buy in 2021. This new year give yourself the perfect gift of gaming laptop so you can enjoy larger than life gaming experience. We’ll go through some of the best gaming laptops for you to choose from. So, lets get to it.

Medion Erazer P15609 15.6 inch

This is the beast machine from Lenovo. Let the Medion Erazer erase your gaming problems once and for all. It has Intel core i7 9th generation processor. Memory of 16 GB RAM and storage space of 1TB + 256GB SSHD, gives this laptop the razor sharp speed and processing ability. Its 15.6 inch HD display gives you the clear crisp video quality which you need. See every little detail in the game as you play with the perfect display.

NVIDIA GTX graphics gives you the best gaming graphic resolutions than any of the previous graphic cards. Get the most out of your gaming experience with the powerful NVIDIA GTX. It gives you the best result even while playing the most heavy open world games with absolutely zero lag.

Run and store all your favourite latest games with Hynix 8 GB RAM and the Phision 256 GB for quick reboots. It also has 1 TB hard drive which allows you to store all your favourite games.

Connectivity to the internet or any other wireless devices, such as wireless mouse or gaming controller has never been this smooth. Medion Erazer is equipped with the latest intel wireless card for your carefree operations.

Enjoy the high quality audio while playing your favourite games with this beast machine. Dolby audio provides the best sound and clear audio for great gaming experience.

ASUS ROG Strix 17.3 inch

Asus Rog Strix with 17.3 inch display and a powerful core i5 processor with 1TB+128 GB storage space, is a must have for gaming freaks. It gives you the virtual reality experience which every kid dreamed of. Its VR ready NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 GPU gives you the best virtual reality performance so can be lost in the gaming experience.

ASUS ROG strix proves to be the best portable device for you to take it anywhere. Its measurements of 24.7mm and weight of just 2.7kg makes it smart, sleek and lightweight.

Get the best viewing experience in its 17.3 inch display. With 178 degrees ultra-wide  viewing angle technology, you can view the screen from any angle and not worry about the colour shift. Get the most out of your laptop screen with slimmed down bezel.

No need to worry about the heating up issue. The thermal cooling technology lets you and your laptop cool down in a jiffy. No crashing of games, no burning up the lap, just smooth gameplay experience for you to enjoy.

ASUS ROG G703GI 17.3 inch

This core i7, 8th generation laptop is a phenom when it comes to gaming. Enjoy the super-fast gaming experience with its 2.2 GHz turbo speed and 4.1 GHz Hexa Core processor. This high end gaming laptop does not only have a great technological aspect, but also stylish as ever. Great design and aura sync RGB lights gives you the best experience to show off in front of your friends.

Anti-dust cooling system in this beast gives the cleaning process a new identity. It cleans off dust as it cools down the system, so you don’t get to experience the lag or crashing.

Enjoy the best audio quality completely free from distortion. Experience the crisp sound of a dry leaf in the forest or a bullet drop from a gun. Sonic studio suite gives you the best in-game audio experience and fulfil your gaming needs.

Now play XBOX games on your laptop. The integrated Xbox module gives you the ability to connect eight Xbox one controllers at the same time without any external USB dongle.

Get inside the Virtual reality world with smooth VR experience ASUS G703GI has to offer. NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 graphics makes you hallucinate with joy while playing the VR games of your choice, with absolutely zero lag.

Improve your gaming experience with ROG Gaming center. All your handy options and functions are available here. Configure the game profiles, manage audio or bandwidth, all from ROG gaming center.

Whats Your Choice?

Gaming experience needs to be perfect if you love gaming. These high-end gaming laptops will give to the gaming experience of your lifetime. You won’t be able to look at gaming once you play a game on GTX laptop. Choose from these three or make your decision from a wide range of GTX LAPTOPS at Laptop Arena UK. Don’t enter 2021 without your favourite GTX gaming laptop. Make your new year great with these top level gaming laptops.

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