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Top Class Lenovo Gaming Laptops to Buy on this 2020 Christmas

by Tom Riddle
Christmas Gaming Laptop Deals 2020

Lenovo gaming laptops have earned fame for delivering the best value for the budget. These gaming laptops come equipped with the formidable specs, latest technology, enduring batteries, and of course Lenovo-famous keyboards. Simply put, Lenovo gaming laptops offer real value for money at any price range. Whether you are buying an affordable Core i5 gaming laptop or a high-end Core i7 gaming machine, Lenovo ranks near the top of the list.

The brand is offering great Christmas deals on laptops that you can take benefit of. You can buy gaming machines at much lower prices than the usual with some powerful hardware. And for Christmas deals 2020, we have picked two models from Lenovo gaming laptops range.

Lenovo Legion 5

For those who do not want to compromise on gameplay, Lenovo Legion 5 is the hardcore choice. This is a fearsome gaming laptop which features the latest Intel H-Series processor along with NVIDIA’s dedicated GPU. Lenovo is offering the two different iterations of Legion 5: The Core i5 model and Core i7 variant.

6” Core i5 Variant

Lenovo Legion 5 Core i5 model packs the 10th generation i5-10300H processor with an 8GB memory. This is a Quad-Core CPU which delivers a clock speed range between 2.5GHz and 4.5GHz. The storage quantity on this model is 512GB SSD which further ensures smooth gameplay.

The display on this Lenovo Legon 5laptop is 15.6-inch which comes with a 1080p screen resolution. With a response time of up to 1ms and a refresh rate of 144Hz, gaming becomes a real treat on this display. To further smooth out the gaming, Lenovo has loaded the Lenovo Legion 5 Core i5 model with the GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. You can buy the Core i5 variant for £1,199.99 and save £300 on the original price.

6” Core i7 Variant

Lenovo Legion 5 Core i7 variant is not very different from the Core i5 model. The only major changes in this iteration is the processor and RAM quantity. The processor on this model is the core i7-10750H which can deliver a maximum clock speed of 5.0GHz.

In addition to the Hexa-core CPU, it packs a whopping 16GB memory. The original price tag on this model is £1,499.99 but you can get it for £1,149.96.

Lenovo Legion Y540

In case you are looking for a lightweight multitasker, Lenovo Legion Y540 is the right laptop for you. This is a lightweight gaming laptop with exterior beauty and packs beasty components inside. You can get two variants: The Core i5 and Core i7 on Christmas deals 2020 in UK.

6” Core i5 Variant

Lenovo Legion Y540 Core i5 variant encases the 9th generation i5-9300H processor with an 8GB RAM. This Quad-Core gaming CPU can deliver a clock speed ranging from 2.4GHz and 4.1GHz. It comes with a storage combo of ITB hard drive and 128GB SSD, which means you get colossal storage of 1.12GB.

This is another 15-inch gaming laptop that features a 1080p screen with an FHD panel. This is an IP-equipped display with a refresh rate up to 144Hz and a response time of 1ms. Lenovo has loaded it with the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card which comes with 6GB GDDR.

You can purchase this Lenovo gaming laptop for just £1,199.99 in UK. It is included in our Christmas deals 2020, so you will save £310 on its original price.

6” Core i7 Variant

The Core i7 variant of Lenovo Legion Y540 is the same as of its Core i5 model except for one aspect. This one features the Hexa-core i7 processor instead of the Core i5 CPU. The clock speed range on this gaming laptop ranges from 2.6 to 4.5GHz. So, you can run all the AAA titles without missing out on display, battery life or visuals. You can bag yourself the Lenovo Legion Y540 Core i7 variant for just £1,149.99.

Final Note

Both Lenovo Legion 5 and Lenovo Legion Y540 are great laptops for gaming. You can buy Core i5 or Core i7 version depending on your budget and gaming needs. Grab one that meets your needs and take benefit of the Christmas deals on laptops.

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