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3 Best Lenovo Desktop PCs to Buy in 2021

by Tom Riddle
Lenovo Desktop PCs

When we talk about the Desktop PCs then, Lenovo Desktop PCs are a one-in-all solution for many types of users, either if you are an online worker, casual user or professional. There are number of reasons you should get your hands on Lenovo computer PCs in 2021. From being a perfect office workstation, to an ultra-fast gaming rig, or maybe just a casual PC for everything, Lenovo PCs make great systems.

Our selection of top 3 best Lenovo Desktops shall determine their specs and how well they perform. Some essential features the best Lenovo PCs contain are great for every computing operation. You can navigate through them if you are on the hunt of finding the best pick for yourself.

Lenovo Legion T730 Gaming Desktop PC

Call it a gaming beast or multimedia pro, the Lenovo Legion has it all for versatile users and gaming pros.

Lenovo Legion T730 Specs

Storage & RAM: 32GB, 1TB SSD, 1TB HDD

GPU: Dedicated Graphics

Processor: 9th Gen – Intel Core i7, 3.60GHz

OS: Windows 10 Home

Lenovo Legion T730

From the specifications, you can identify this Lenovo gaming PC can lead to your expectations. The massive RAM of 32GB is combined with the two-way storage of SSD and HDD. The processing power of this PC is equipped with the latest, most advanced Intel Core i7 processor.

Why Choose Legion T730?

The Lenovo Legion T730 makes itself the legitimate gaming PC, with its vast features and excellent specs. It plays a vital role in delivering best speed performance for complex computing operations.

The Core i7 processor power-packed in this PC is potent enough to reach the maximum turbo speed of 4.9 GHz. You can run heavy software, switch between extensive applications and files with its huge RAM and SSD. The 1TB solid-state drive storage along with the 1TB HDD is the solid proof that your PC isn’t going to lag at all.

This Lenovo PC is also remarkable in terms of graphics as it supports dedicated graphics. Lenovo has integrated NVIDIA RTX 2070 graphics in this system for immersive visuals and incredible detailed, crisp images and videos.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M920

A thin, slim, and tall, small-form factor PC with powerful features and incredible Core i9 will do everything for you.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M920 Specs:

Processor: Intel Core i9 – 2.10GHz

Storage & RAM: 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM

GPU: Integrated/On-Board Graphics

OS: Windows 10 Professional

Lenovo ThinkCentre M920

The specification chart of this Lenovo computer PC shows that you are getting everything top-notch. The RAM is more than sufficient with 16GB, while the storage option is ideal with SSD. Not to forget, the invincible Intel Core i9 processor which plays a main role in delivering fastest processing speed.

Why Choose Lenovo ThinkCentre?

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M920 is a power-ranger in terms of its high-grade specs. The Intel Core i9 processor armed with the ThinkCentre runs with the base speed of 2.1 GHz. The maximum turbo speed it can reach is around 4.4 GHz, for heavy multitasking and programs.

From the 16GB RAM, one may already guess that this laptop comes with a bombastic hard drive capacity. The RAM is paired with the solid-state drive storage of 512GB for extensive file management. You will be able to store heavy-loading files or documents into the system, without lagging.

The compact build of this laptop makes it more unique, attached with plenty of ports. You can fit it anywhere without thinking about the space trouble. It also comes with added security features such as TPM, Kensington Lock and smart USB protection.

Lenovo V530S Best SFF Desktop PC

An everyday perfection or an ideal business PC, whatever it is, the Lenovo V530S manages to be rule over basic computing like a pro.

Lenovo V530S Specs:

Processor: 8th Gen-Intel Core i5, 2.80GHz

Storage: 256GB SSD , 256 GB HDD

GPU: Integrated/On-Board Graphics

OS: Windows 10 Home


Lenovo V530S

The core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and a two-way storage; all these specs integrated in this PC seem to deliver a decent performance. Along with SSD, you also get to see the HDD storage option in this laptop for fluent files or programs usage.

Why Choose Lenovo V530S

The Lenovo V530S is also built as a small-factor desktop PC with its miniature style and 7.5L chassis. It comes with classic black appearance and a touch of red at its front that gives it a formal look. The PC is packed with the Intel Core i5 processor of 8th Generation, for high-speed processing.

The Core i5 can circulate between the base speed of 2.80 GHz and a maximum turbo speed of 4.0 GHz. Thanks to Intel, the core i5 processor equipped in this Lenovo computer flows every task smoothly. You wouldn’t necessarily face any slowdowns or lags, while you are surfing through different browsers.

Additionally, the main insertions in this Desktop PC are the 8GB RAM and more than one storage choice. The 256GB solid-state drive storage comes with HDD 256GB storage. Whether you load, execute, and upload any program or file, there will be no trouble or frustration due to delays.

The Wrap Up

Scour through the best Lenovo Desktop PCs on Laptop Outlet, which is a solid online tech store. Our top 3 Lenovo PCS should make it in your favourite list for 2021. These PCs make sure to spread through evenly for every complex operation or heavy task. Don’t forget to check them out yourself! You can also check other range of Desktop PCs here, if you are interested other than the above products.

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