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7 Things that many People Misunderstand about Using Notebooks

by Tom Riddle
misunderstand about using laptops

When we buy a laptop to use, there will be recommendations from the shop we bought, friends, girlfriends or our parents who will always tell you that. Don’t use a notebook like that. It will break easily. or use it like this The notebook will not explode. Many things we have heard Many people may be convinced that such a thing is forbidden to do. This is not good Many of which we understand about the use of notebooks may be misunderstood. So today let’s take a look at the 10 myths about using notebooks. Will it be something that many people understand now? Let’s see.

1. Installing a protective film to the notebook screen

To attach a protective film to the screen of the notebook At first glance, it may look good in our eyes because it is like a preservation. but in fact If we choose to use a protective film that is middle grade May cause distorted colors or when the screen protector has been installed for a long time It may cause a yellow film. and unable to display the full color of the screen If installing a screen film, it is recommended to stick to a notebook with a touch screen is better.

2. Play laptop in bed It’s okay

The advantages of notebooks over desktop computers are portability and playable space. But not that it can be played anywhere. on our mattresses too. Playing games on the bed or bed is something we don’t recommend at all. Because it will make the cooling of the machine difficult. It is also like sucking the dust on the bed into the notebook as well. In other words, if you use your laptop in bed often. It may make the notebook easier than ever before.

3. Use a silicone pad to protect the keyboard

Using silicone to protect the keyboard panel It may be an option that many people choose to use. Because it can prevent dust from entering the keyboard niche. which must be said that it is true but not all Because if you compare the advantages and disadvantages of placing silicone sheets on the keyboard The disadvantages are much more. Whether the heat dissipation of the machine can not be vented through the gap between the keyboard, dust accumulated on the silicone and the silicone may melt and stick to the keyboard panel and damage it. the most

4. Placing the notebook on your lap will make it sterile

Male sperm are susceptible to heat, according to a study by  Yefim Sheynkin published in the 2005 book Human Reproduction, which found that playing with a laptop on the lap increased testicular temperature by 2 degrees Celsius. The study consisted of 29 healthy male volunteers who each had temperature sensors attached to the left and right testicles. Then sit on the laptop by placing it on your lap. It was found that the temperature actually increased and could be dangerous for the sperm. But when the volunteers put an object shaped like a notebook, they found that the temperature was about the same as when placing a notebook. which can be concluded that The fact that we put the laptop on the lap does not cause harm, but the sitting position is dangerous. We recommend spreading your legs about 70 degrees or playing with your laptop on a table is better.

5. Let the battery run out first. charge later

Using a notebook The issue of the battery is important and many people still misunderstand it. such as the matter of use until the battery is exhausted, then charge it In fact, most of the batteries are Lithium-ion with the disadvantage of not being able to withstand heat. Because if heat occurs on the high battery May cause the life of the battery to decrease. Then let the battery run out and then charge it, what does it have to do with it? The battery life is very low or not. Charging will take longer. The heat generated by charging will also be greater. So we recommend that the battery is about 20 percent left and charge it right away. It will be good to maintain the battery.

6. Computers are many times more powerful than notebooks

This must be said that it was true 2-3 years ago, because now the performance of notebooks, especially gaming notebooks, is considered to be similar to that of a computer set or even assembled. With technology that passes as fast as time make the creation of various parts As powerful as a desktop computer into a notebook is now easy.

7. Plugging in the charger and playing with the notebook will cause the battery to deteriorate

From point 5, the battery on today’s notebooks is Lithium-Ion and can be counted in circles or by the age of the notebook. Therefore, plugging and playing with it does not affect the battery of the notebook because most notebook batteries will deteriorate after about 2 years, but the real cause. That will cause the battery to deteriorate quickly is to keep the charger plugged in. No battery power at all. It may cause the battery to deteriorate faster than scheduled.


Here are 7 things that many people still misunderstand. about the use of the notebook If anyone who reads it, goes directly to our use. It is recommended to avoid things that should not be done better. So that the notebook can stay with us for a long time

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