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8 Best Games for 8 Years old Boys

by Tom Riddle
best Games for 8 Years old Boys

Online choices for board games suitable for 8-year-olds can be overwhelming because there are so many options. It’s easier for you because we’ve checked out the best options for you. Take a look below and then choose the one you think your child will enjoy the most. Furthermore, you can view the benefits of these games, which includes additional details to help you make the best choice. It’s easy for children to learn through games, which a wide range of children enjoy. By engaging in it, children gain the ability to think strategically and solve problems and acquire important traits like patience and acceptance of consequences. Here is a list of the best games for 8 years old children;

Best Games for 8 years old boys;

1.     Bolkus: A Strategy Game

This game is fantastic for 8-year-olds to enjoy while developing their critical thinking skills. During the game, each player places his pieces onto the board one by one. The corners of all pieces have to face each other and be the same colour. It is essential to strategically place your pieces on the board to claim a territory and block everyone else from claiming it. When the board is empty of pieces at the end of the game, the winner will be the person who has left the fewest pieces to play. In addition to being enjoyable to play in groups, this game will help your child develop their social skills and their ability to focus. This game is best played in small groups because children learn to outsmart one another by utilizing their strategic thinking abilities.

Here are some benefits of this game;

  • This game improves strategic thinking.
  • It enhances social skills.
  • Concentration is improved.

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2.   The Dragonwood: A Game of Dice and Daring

An excellent game for developing your child’s strategic thinking skills is this one. The games last 20 minutes so that kids will keep entertained for quite some time. Game play is conducted between 2-4 players in the Dragonwood Game of Dice and Daring board game. So, it is a great way to help your children develop their social skills. You face your opponents with a range of adventurer cards that you collect by rolling dice. It’s a great game to help children develop their strategic thinking skills since it’s full of strategies. Additionally, it can help them to focus better. A 20-minute game is a perfect duration for kids to stay engaged without becoming bored.

Some of the advantages of this game are discussed;

  • It’s been a fantastic game time.
  • Strategic thinking is developed through this game.
  • Social skills are enhanced.

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3.   2nd Edition, Stare! Junior

There are a lot of new elements in the 2nd edition of Stare! The cards are more significant, and the images are entirely new. With this game, kids will be able to increase their concentration, think with more imagination, and develop their memory skill. The game comprises 960 questions, an image card game board, playing pieces, a die, and a sand timer. That means you can start playing right away. The game promotes social skills since the child asks and answers questions. In addition to having fun, children learn memory skills and focus while playing this game in groups.

Below we list a few game’s advantages;

  • It improves concentration in children.
  • Memory skills are developed as a result.
  • It promotes social skills.

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4.   Song Game – Spontaneous

The Song Game is an excellent choice for parties or more significant group events since 4-10 players can play it. It includes one person reading out a word while everyone else thinks of song lyrics that contain that word. Once they’ve identified it, they can sing the song containing the given the word. Thus, the game is excellent for improving children’s social skills. This game is enjoyable for kids and a fantastic way to bond with each other. Moreover, it can enhance your child’s memory abilities too. In larger groups, children enjoy playing this game because they compete to come up with songs first, which improves their social skills and their ability to recall things that were previously learned.

Here are some advantages of this game;

  • It can enhance memory
  • It assists in developing social skills.
  • It’s perfect for parties.

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5.   The Simon Game

The Simon Game is a fun and the interactive game that kids enjoy while playing. There are various lights and sounds that are stimulating for kids. This game enables them to improve their hearing and visual skills. Children can also learn sequence recognition skills through the game. You have to keep the sequences precisely the same as they get longer and longer as you progress with the game. Your child will also improve their memory by playing this game. Scores are kept in this game, making it even more competitive. Thus, children are more likely to play with their friends to find out who can get the highest score.

Its advantages are listed below;

  • It enhances social skills.
  • It develops sequence recognition skills.
  • Learn visually and audibly with it.

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6.   Dabble, a fun game

Play Dabble with up to four players. During the game, players must use their 20 tiles to spell five words. If a player completes all five words successfully, he wins! This is a fun game that will also improve a child’s spelling skills. Kids tend to avoid games where it takes several minutes between turns, so the fast pace of this game is ideal for them.

The following are some of its characteristics:

  • Fun and frantic, this game is sure to keep you entertained.
  • Competition and challenges are part of the game.

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7.   The family guessing game – Hedbanz

Among 8-year-olds, Hedbanz is a popular game with a fast pace. Kids are thus encouraged to stay on their toes and focus for more extended periods. During the game, players wear headbands with animal cards inside and ask “yes” or “no” questions. Once you get the responses, you have to try to guess what animal you are. The social skills that your child acquires as well as their ability to solve problems are greatly enhanced. We appreciated the one-minute sand timer that keeps the game at a good pace. Children will also gain a greater understanding of different animals through this game.

Here are a few of its features:

  • It increases the ability to solve problems.
  • It boosts social skills.
  • It educates children about different species of animals.
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8.   Draw Googly Eyes – A Family Drawing Game

Family members can enjoy an evening of drawing together with Googly Eyes. Game nights with the whole family can be a lot of fun and help your child develop social skills. If you want, you could divide the family into teams, with one wearing the goggles while the other draws. With these goggles, you can’t see the drawings because their unique feature alters your vision. It takes a certain number of tries for each person to correct what their teammate has drawn.

Here are a few of its characteristics;

  • Goggles that alter your vision are super entertaining.
  • An excellent way for families to spend time together.


The study concludes that gaming is a valuable part of children’s lives. In a child’s third grade, typically at eight years old, the language skills continue to develop. They need to improve their focus and attention span. They practice pronunciation and follow more commands in a row than they were able to at age 7. So, some informative games, as discussed above, play a significant role in their lives.

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