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Alienware M15 R2 Review: Best Laptop for Fortnight

by Tom Riddle

Who does not like to play fortnight all day long and all night long. But to enjoy this game to the fullest, with your friends or even alone, you need a hardcore gaming setup. But these days people need performance on the go. Only a laptop can fulfill your portability needs, and lets you enjoy your gaming sessions as well. So which laptop is the best for you guys, to enjoy your battles in Fortnight? That’s easy, stick around and find out. We will review a best laptop for fortnight. So, lets just dive right in.


This laptop is surely the best of the best when it comes to gaming. It gives you lightning fast gaming sessions, which are uninterrupted and unmatched. It truly seems like an alien with super-natural powers. You can play Fortnight on this gaming laptop, with great ease and in a carefree manner. Now let us see what this beast of a laptop is capable of.

Key Specs:

Alienware m15 is powered by intel Core i7 9th generation, with 2.6GHz max turbo speed and 4.5 GHz Hexa-core processor. You get the memory of 16 GB and a whopping storage space of 512GB SSD. You can feel the power of these great specs, on the smoothest operating system of Windows 10. These powerful specifications make sure you always enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest.


The display of this gaming laptop is absolutely incredible and breath-taking. This laptop gives you 15.6inch display screen, with the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The bezel is narrow, which provides you more screen to body ratio. You get to experience larger than life gaming on this laptop.

There is also an OLED 4K display option in this laptop, which gives you 100,000:1 contrast ratio, response time of 1ms, 400 nits brightness and 60Hz refresh rate. The visuals which you will get from this, will leave you one hundred percent mesmerised. The colours are so sharp that you can cut a table with it. The graphics seem so life-like, that you won’t be able to believe your eyes. This will certainly let you enjoy your gaming sessions the way they were meant to be. Playing fortnight or any other game on this display is surely a treat.

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This beast of a laptop has a new Tobii eye tracking, which makes you indulge more in the game, and makes it more interactive. Small sensors present in It can track your eye position, fine gaze, head position and presence. When you are not making eye contact, the UI elements fade to get you more deep inside your game.

Strong Graphics Support:

This beast of a gaming laptop is equipped with NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2060 6GB. Combine this great graphics card with the powerful specs of this laptop, and you get the best laptop for Fortnight, or even for any game you can possibly think of. You can smoothly play Fortnight on this majestic laptop. The graphics are so smooth and lightning fast, that you never get to experience even a single lag. Every single detail is visible in your game. You will be able to see the smallest hidden areas, or little things in your game. You can even see the drop of sweat, rolling down from the forehead of your game character. You can explore the whole city in your open-world games, with great ease and not even a single detail will be missed. After seeing such life-like graphics and your characters coming to life, you will surely stay glued to the screen of your laptop.

Advance Cooling Technology:

Nothing can be worse than your game getting crashed, due to over-heating of the laptop. This beast of a gaming laptop is equipped with the best cooling technology, to always keep you and your gaming laptop cool. Alienware M15 has Cryo-Tech V3.0, which cools down the laptop as soon as it starts to heat-up. Plus, the chassis are made in a way to enhance the cooling performance. Its dual intake design allows it to take in the air from top and bottom vents, while the heat is exhaled through the rear and side vents.

Three-phase fan blade control and liquid-crystal polymer create less friction and helps to circulate air more efficiently. It consists of 106 unique fan blades to cool both GPU and CPU.

Dual SSD Feature:

This is a great feature in this gaming laptop. It has two RAID 0 SSD, which lets it recognise two drives as a single large drive, which will maximise the transfer rate, and surely enable maximum storage and performance. This feature is simple yet very effective. It lets you enjoy your gaming session with ease and smoothness.

Alienware Command Center:

This gaming laptop has got a new Alienware Command Center, which lets you manage all the system settings, needed to take your gaming pleasures to a new level. It includes a Creative Control, in which you can create profiles, which are designated for power, sound, lighting management and more. You can link the profile ta a certain game, which will automatically apply those settings, whenever that game is lunched. Command center also includes Optimal Overclocking and Enhanced AlienFX, which will boost your gaming sessions in many ways.


What can be more frustrating than having to charge your laptop constantly, or after every short gaming session. Well, this laptop certainly never lets you experience this frustration. It gives you a long-life battery, which will definitely not leave you hanging. You get the uninterrupted and longer gameplay, with Alienware’s 76WHr Lithium Ion battery.

Destroy Your Enimies, With Alienware M15:

This was the review of this cool gaming laptop. After this review we got to find out, that it certainly is the best laptop for Fortnight. It provides performance, power, durability, style and much more. So, if you are thinking of buying a laptop for yourself, or your loved ones to play Fortnight, then don’t waste anymore time and get Alienware M15 now. Buy this one or go to laptoparena.co.uk to choose from a wide range of great gaming laptops.

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