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Galaxy S21 5G Review – Stylishly Incredible Samurai of Samsung

by Tom Riddle
Galaxy S21 5G Review

Samsung is certainly one of the biggest names in the world of smartphones. Whenever you need a good phone, Samsung mobiles are your best option. We will be reviewing a stylish and power-packed phone by Samsung known as Galaxy S21 5G.

Galaxy S21 5G Specifications:

This Galaxy smartphone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, which runs on Android 11. Galaxy S21 5G gives you a wide memory of 8GB RAM along with a huge storage space of 256GB. These specs give you the freedom to perform all your tasks in a smoother than silk manner, while providing you great speed. Plus, this phone is also water resistant, which gives you carefree usage even if the phone gets wet.

Display to Die For:

Samsung Galaxy S21 5g Display

S21 5G is equipped with 6.2 inches dynamic AMOLED 2X display, which provides you cutting-edge colours with crisp picture quality. It gives you smooth 120Hz display, which lets you stream and game on it, without any interruptions. The streaming experience is larger than life, with a high refresh rate and sampling rate of this display. You can enjoy all day or late nights of streaming 8K videos, without worrying about damaging your eyes, because the display has Eye Comfort Shield, which lowers the blue light to give you soothing visuals.

Capture Every Moment:

Galaxy S21 5G

If you want to click pictures like a pro, then this phone is for you. Galaxy S21 5G has a whopping 64MP rear camera. This camera lets you cherish all your favourite moments in ultra-high resolution. You can take the pictures of object far away from you with its 30X digital zoom. It lets you capture the picture of even a small bird sitting on top of the London bridge, with ease. In addition to this, S 21 5G gives you the highest video recording resolution in all the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, or for that matter of fact, any of the smartphones. You can record 8K videos to take your videography or vlogging skills to the next level. Want to shoot in the darkness of night? No problem, because this phone has a smart night mode, which gives you the freedom to play with the darkness. For your beautiful selfies, Samsung has equipped this smartphone with a 10MP front camera having AI, which will make your beautiful selfies more appealing.

Connect at the Speed of Light:

Imagine streaming 8K videos on your phone with a lightning-fast speed, well, Samsung Galaxy lets your imagination come to life. With the HyperFast 5G you can experience the true 5G speed on your phone. You can also connect to the Wi-fi and stay connected, even when the signals are weak or spotty. The great specs of this phone let you surf the internet, faster than the speed of light.

Packed with Technologies:

Galaxy S21 5G is packed with great state of the art technologies, that will leave you mesmerised. The motion mirror technology lets you project the screen of your smartphone to your smart TV, so you can enjoy the mobile phone experience on the big screen, or even see yourself while working out.

You will never face the problem of finding something or keeping track of it, with the Galaxy SmartTag feature. You can put the smart tags on anything which you don’t want to forget, or even on your pets, so you’ll know the current location and keep track of them.

Battery That Never Dies:


This phone is equipped with a powerful 4000mAh battery, which lasts you whole day of use. The fast charging does not leave you hanging for long and charges quickly. In addition to this, it can also charge wirelessly and can charge the other phones wirelessly too.

Bottom Line:

This was the review of Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. It is certainly one of the best Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The looks are great, and the specs are powerful. You will certainly get the lightning-fast performance, that will surely boost your productivity. So, get this phone for yourself or go to Samsung.com to choose from a wide range of Samsung mobiles.

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