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iPhone 11 Pro Max Review: A 6.5” Smartphone with Improved Battery & More

by Tom Riddle
iPhone 11 Pro Max Review UK

Mobiles have become the status symbol, that is why people are rush to buy the newer models. This has put companies to regularly updating their gadgets and to introduce new, better, and improved features. One of the brands that is one of the largest seller brands in the world is Apple. Their mobiles are not just mobiles but known as iPhones, and they are continuously making their gadgets better and advanced. One of the latest addition to the iPhone series is the iPhone 11 pro max. It is one of the masterpieces that is ever marked by Apple. Giving a mate a black look in appearance, and combining three powerful cameras, are one of the salient features. It is owing to these increased features, that is giving tough competition to other brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Others.

Until the launching of the iPhone 12, it was probably the best phone on earth, the desire of thousands of people around the world. This model was equipped with the most advanced features and much sleeker in design.

For a complete analysis of features that are making the most favorable choice at the moment, let’s have a detailed view on specs.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen

iPhone 11 Pro max Screen

The display is one such thing that is the first and foremost parameters, checked and discussed a lot. It is this that makes a visible difference. The overall dimension of the phone is 6.22 inches long, 3.06 inches in width and the thickness is around 0.32 inches (almost 8.1mm). From this, it can be visualized how big the phone, is. With this large, there will be some additional weight, that is why its value is almost 226 grams, making it a bit heavier.

To make sure the screen would not be affected by dust or waters, the integration of IP68. This will make sure that the phone will be safe in the water for 30 minutes at a depth of 4m. This is one of the features that are causing a great difference from any other brand or phone in the market.

It has a pixel density of 458 details per inch, giving a more HD and brighter look. Thus watching videos, movies, and games will be a very pleasurable experience. It has an 83.7% screen to body ratio.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max supports 4g, unfortunately, it is not 5g supported, like the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Moreover, it is designed by considering the single sim use for the rest of the world, while for Chine, the facility of the dual sim is there.

Memory and Processor

This version of the iPhone has built-in IOS-13 that is upgradable to IOS-14.2. Talking about chipset I have A13 Bionic and has Hexa-core( Lightning Thunder). This is not the end, the phone comes with a whopping memory of 4GB ram. This all makes it a beast when it comes to processing beyond limits. Fulfilling the dreams of gamers and developers to have in this size.

As far as, internal storage is concerned, three versions with 64, 256, and 512GB are there, obviously, with increasing storage capacity, a price increase is a must.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera

iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera

The most sought-after feature is the camera, people are so obsessed with taking pictures. That is why Apple has tried to introduce the best of it in its latest edition. iPhone 11 pro max comes up with a 12 Mega-Pixel camera. On the back, three cameras with different focal lengths are there, giving a picture DSLR look. Focusing and making effects has become with the combination of these cameras. Apple has particularly placed features in this version to make photography at night easier and good in looks. This camera is capable of shooting even in low-light.

While the front camera is also 12 Megapixels. It can record videos in 4k mode for 24, 30, and 60 frames per second. Looking at these cameras, it surely has no match with cheaper versions of iPhones, it is far ahead than this.


Routine sensors like proximity, gyro, barometer, and compass are there. The real addition is the facial recognition sensor, FACE ID that is not there in older iPhones. Thus giving a great edge to this new model.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Colors

iPhone 11 Pro Max Colors

iPhone 11 Pro Max is available in Matte Space Grey, Matte Silver, Matte Gold, and Matte Midnight Green. Customers have plenty of choices in choosing the color.

On the sidelines, the battery of this newer version of the iPhone has an endurance rating of 102h. Price can be no doubt will be according to the specs. It varies from £1200 to £1500, depending on the size of internal storage.

Final Remarks

This phone is surely best for the ones who can afford this, outstanding all the other choices available in the market. For the iPhone lovers, this one is great from Apple.  

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