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Medion Akoya E23403 Full HD All in One Desktop PC Review

by Tom Riddle
Medion Akoya E23403 Review

Medion being a German-based brand has gained enough popularity to get among the known brands in the tech world. The Medion Akoya Series desktop PCs come with versatile options, just like one of their new addition, called Medion Akoya E23403. One of the main reasons Medion has become what it is, is the fact that Medion add an extra touch of productivity in their devices.

The Medion Akoya E23403 comes packs with the excellent basic computing efficiency and great storage options. It is a big-screen desktop computer that shall be a good sport to watch your favourite movies or videos with quality display.

Medion Akoya E23403 Specs Sheet

The specs that Medion has equipped in this laptop seem interesting with core i3 PC and SSD combination. While most of the users may think this is a basic laptop, it contains more than sufficient features for average day usage. If you are keen to know how well the specs and features of this laptop perform, our Medion Akoya E23403 review is for you.

The Design Factor

The slim-chic look of this Medion laptop gives it a classy and elegant vibe with bigger screen. The body is made with aluminium surface and 8mm thickness, which ensures the metal surface of this PC makes it durable. This all-in-one desktop PC brings everything along it, but the monitor surely grabs full attention with its sleeker design. The mountable stand of the desktop PC allows moving it easily with easy viewing angles, so a common user can enjoy watching the screen. Also, if you have been design-conscious even in your tech choices, this Desktop PCs is the best fit for you. The silver polished exterior makes it classier for its appearance and an overall look.

Medion Akoya E23403 Display

 The screen attached with this Medion All-in-one Desktop PC is big enough to enjoy cinematic movie experience in the dark. The full HD display comes with the 27-inch screen, having a Resolution of 1920 x 1080 p. The contrast ratio can be observed near 1000:1 which is ideal for average users. You get a good contrast of colours for lightest and darkest shades on your screen. On the contrary, the sRGB colour gamut coverage of the display is almost 100%, providing a good colour variety for the display.

Medion has also integrated anti-reflective technology in its display which means it can be easily used under bright lights. The reflections on the screen which people usually face when they see their screen from a distance are very less on this display. You can view movies and videos from far angles or if you are sitting on a sofa with a distance.

The Performance Aspect

You can not always assess the performance based on the mentioned specs. The Medion Akoya has armed Intel Core i3 as its main processing unit which performs with the base speed of 1.20 GHz. Although, the Core i3 processor comes in best use for average daily tasks, but in this Desktop PC you are getting a greater speed. The maximum turbo speed of this PC’s processor is around 3.4 GHz, making itself powerful enough for a little more than just basic computing. You can totally count on it for any extra activities or tech performance whether you are a student or a professional.

The 8GB RAM weaponed in this PC makes a rock-solid combination with the solid-state drive storage. You don’t get just one but two storage options, where 256 GB SSD storage is paired with the 1TB storage. Keeping this in mind, there will be absolutely minor or no problems at all regarding storage in this Desktop PC. The two-way storage in this Medion PC is undeniably the best inclusion which allows running, downloading, and executing heavy files.


 If we talk about the ports equipped in this Desktop PC, Medion has not left any space for disappointment. You are getting nearly all sorts of ports including Type A, Type B and HDMI. You will get to see two USB 3.2 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, an RJ-45 connector, a headphone jack, a microphone and also webcam for added security.


All in all, the Medion Akoya E23403 performs great for average day-to-day tasks or casual software and applications. You can rely on the core i3 performance and the RAM and storage integrated in this PC for modern-day usage. The built is impressive with mediocre quality and classy style. This Desktop PC also comes with a competitive price factor which means you can buy this PC in a much reasonable cost. You can check this Desktop computer at Laptop Arena for best deals on PCs in 2021.

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