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MSI Aegis 3 8RC 084UK Review – Best i7 Gaming Desktop PC in 2021

by Tom Riddle

To take your gaming to a new high, you need a good and powerful gaming desktop. A good gaming PC gives you the power to enjoy your gaming session to the fullest. There are plenty of good gaming desktops out there, but the question is that which one is good for you. Well don’t you worry, because we will tell you exactly which one is good for you guys. We will take a look at the best MSI core i7 gaming desktop PC for 2021, that will quench your gaming thirst. So, let us not waste any more time and lets just dive right in.


MSI Aegis 3 8RC 084UK

Yes, this gaming desktop by MSI is the best one you can have. It is powerful, durable, and stylish at the same time. This beast is powered by Intel Core i7 8th generation 3.2GHz, along with max turbo speed 4.6GHz Hexa-core processor. It has a memory of 8GB, and a humongous storage space of 1TB plus 128 GB SSHD. These powerful specs alone will keep you mesmerised. The great memory and huge storage space make sure you get the fastest and smoothest operations, whether you are playing games or just working. It supports Intel Optane, which boosts up your system to work up to 14 times faster.


MSI Aegis 3 8RC 084UK Graphics Support

This powerful gaming desktop gives you the best graphics, even while playing the most high-graphics game. It is equipped with Geforce GTX 1070, which makes sure you get the larger than life gaming experience, every single time. The in-game graphics are cutting edge and even the smallest detail can be seen with ease. The graphics are so realistic that you will feel the characters coming to life. With such great graphics support and powerful specs, you will experience the lightning-fast gaming without even a single lag. Play your open world games the way they were meant to be played. In addition to such great graphics, you can get inside the game yourself with its VR ready features. MSI Core Aegis provides the realistic and interruption-free, smooth VR experience.


We all know the most frustrating thing that can happen, is your system getting too much heated and the game getting crashed. Well not with this beast of a gaming desktop. Its great thermal design cools the system, and all its essential components quickly. The desktop stays cool and so do you. Such great cooling system provides the best performance, while playing even the most high-graphics games with your buddies. This desktop will surely not let you down.


This gaming desktop is equipped with great LAN E2500, so you never get interrupted while playing with your friends online. This reduces the lag, so you don’t get killed due to a pesky internet interruption or a lag. This keeps you connected all the time.


Acer Nitro 5 Audio

You know the importance of good clear audio while playing a game. This gaming computer PC makes you indulge more into the game world. You feel like a part of the game, when you can clearly hear the crunching of dry leaves, or the sound of bullet dropping on the ground. Connect a suitable audio component to this desktop and let the MSI Audio Boost take your audio to a whole new level. The sound has never been this crisp and clear. This makes you get the best gaming experience you can never imagine.


MSI Aegis 3 8RC 084UK Look

In addition to being super powerful, this bad boy is also super cool looking as well. Its appearance is absolutely-amazing. Its black colour and crazy design make you stunned at the first glance. The design will make you think, you have a Transformer is sitting on your table. It has a built-in carry handle on its compact body, which lets you carry it with an ease. It is equipped with RGB lights to create the perfect aura, while gaming with your friends inside your gaming dungeon. Plus, it is super easy to upgrade. You can easily open its side panel and upgrade the components as you please.

It is not only super stylish looking, but also quite durable and reliable. It has under-gone durability tests under extreme conditions, so you can have the best durability for your gaming desktop.


Well, this is the best MSI gaming desktop PC available on the face of this planet. It gives you power, durability, and style all at the same time. This powerful desktop will surely quench your gaming thirst. So, make a new year’s resolution to get this one for yourself in 2021. Get this powerful MSI gaming desktop PC or choose from a wide range of Core i7 gaming PCs only at laptopoutlet.co.uk.

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