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Review: OPPO A53 With 5000mAh Battery & 16MP AI Selfie

by Tom Riddle
OPPO A53 Review

Every OPPO android phone takes up to the new technology standards with its versatile features.  The OPPO A53 is one of the latest OPPO 5g phones that strikes with its 90Hz screen and a giant battery life. Although, it pretty much seems like an ordinary phone with set of preliminary features. But the highlighting features that makes it stand out have to be its 5000 mAh battery and 16MP AI selfie camera. The display also sets records with the fastest refresh rate, as we already mentioned. This phone comes with a budget-friendly cost, which means you can buy it if you are a student, young employee, or anyone.

In this article, we are focusing more on the battery performance and selfie camera of the OPPO A53. But you will get an overall glimpse of the ultimate review of this OPPO phone. You will have to get to the bottom to know whether it is the best camera phone or not. Plus, the ones who need to also know about its real performance and value for money, can be clearer.

OPPO A53 Specs

Weight: about 186g

RAM & ROM: 4GB + 64GB

Rear Camera: 2MP, 13MP, 2MP

Front Camera: 8MP

89.2% | 1600×720 | up to 90Hz | up to 120Hz


GPU: Adreno 610 @600MHz 16fps

Battery: 5000mAh/19.35Wh (typical)

Charging Speed: Support 9V/2A

Operating system: ColorOS 7.2 based on Android 10



Design & Build

The OPPO A53 follows a smart design and gives off a certain similarity to some other elite brand phones. This, in actual, is a good thing as the stylish blue reflective surface has a good competitive edge in terms of looks. There is also an electric black colour available in this OPPO phone which is a classic edition. All over, there are four colour options that this android phone comes with including mint green and fairy white.

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You wouldn’t feel like the OPPO A53 to be a lighter phone at first, instead it feels chunkier with 8.4 mm thickness. There is also a fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone that allows you to unlock it faster than ever. There is a small notch for the selfie camera which compromises a little bit space for the display. But it actually does not feel like we had anything lesser than usual. Plus, there is a headphone jack, USB C for the charging and an individual speaker grill.

FRONT  8MP Camera

Before we indulge into the back camera specifications, it is important to delve into the front camera. The front cam is integrated with 16 Megapixels and artificial intelligence which helps in producing vivid colour contrast. Having an AI cam means you will get brighter, bolder, and enriched colours on every detail of the picture. OPPO has also included many effects in its face cam like HDR and beautification modes.

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REAR Camera

The cameras on the back of the OPPO A53 are setup like a triple camera array. In order, there is a primary camera sensor of 13MP which serves best for portrait and background shots. Also, it is good in capturing wide-angle pictures. The 2MP in-depth sensors are used for black and white clarity effects while they also aid in the bokeh effect. It makes the background perfectly blurred and the edges of the real portrait shot accurate.




The display that the OPPO A53 is armed with is actually one of the most selling points of the phone. The 6.5-inch screen has a whopping refresh-rate of 90 Hz which has the ability to rock up to 120 Hz. This blazing-fast refresh timing makes the mobile screen even faster for switching between multiple apps. The screen used is indeed LCD instead of OLED, which we expected to be with its price bracket. Overall, the display doesn’t have so much on the top of the specs, but some features make it excellent.

Battery: Solid 5000 mAh

The battery included in the OPPO A53 is power packed with the 5000 mah capacity. The phone is able to last longer than a day quite easily without having to plug it even once. Even if you are binge-watching your favourite videos or playing intensive games, the battery passes through the daytime. There is also 18W fast-charging involved in this OPPO phone which charges entirely in just 2 hours.

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The processor included in the OPPO A53 is an entry-level addition, which is the Snapdragon 460. This means you can play casual games, watch regular Netflix or YouTube videos and also run several social media platforms easily, The RAM inserted is 4GB which comes in a fair combination of 64GB storage. According to the price, this is an ideal blend to let you multitask through several applications or programs. The operating system installed is the latest ColorOS 7.2 which is based on the Android 10. It is the most recent OS which is good to get access and use updated applications rapidly.




On an overall basis, the OPPO A53 is a cheap phone but leads expectations pleasantly. With its modern-day casual specs, it can take up everyday android phone activities easily. It doesn’t only satisfy from its exterior but comes on to the deliverable with its real performance analysis. You cannot avoid the fastest as ever refresh-rate of 90Hz that it has as it can make everything smoother than ever. The battery as well contributes as the highest selling factor of this OPPO mobile.

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