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What is HyperMotion in FIFA22 ?

by Tom Riddle

This is a time when the video game industry is moving from one generation to the next, from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The ability to ‘express’ the results of the game better than before. and with a powerful new gen console What will bring the performance of EA’s new flagship soccer game, FIFA 22, on the next generation of consoles, one step closer to ‘realism’?

The answer is HyperMotion technology.

What is HyperMotion in FIFA22 ?

HyperMotion is the collective technology name for the player animation system in FIFA 22 that EA Sports combines with two key technologies: Advanced 11v11 Match Capture, which captures movements. The movement and momentum of 22 real players on the field uses a new suite of motion capture called Xsens, combined with the power of machine learning to process over 9 million frames of motion. It’s derived from real players, and when these two abilities are combined, FIFA 22 on next-gen consoles will deliver more realistic football gameplay with these features.

Full Team Authentic Motion

By capturing 11v11 matches by real professional players, more than 4,000 new animations have been added to the game, three times the size of FIFA 21. Catching the ball, tackling, sprinting, all-new, which EA says is the biggest change in motion animation since a FIFA game.

Full Team Authentic Motion

ML – Flow

With so many new animations coming in, using the power of machine learning will help bring those animations to a whole new level of fluidity and closer to real life. For example, each player will have to adjust their running pace. according to the fatigue in the game or an empty area around the body if an opponent comes in close Running takes shorter strides to keep the ball at bay. But if there is an open space that can counterattack at high speed. Players will choose to chop with long steps to speed up as high as possible. That means more chances to make realistic shots.

Tactical AI

With machine learning capabilities, FIFA 22 increases the intelligence of the AI ​​of both us and opponents more than before. Usually in each game, the AI ​​will only have a few ideas. But with new technology, AI has the ability to read games up to 6 times more, allowing AI to run better. Run to tear the back panel more efficiently. Including adjusting the standing position during defense or making the attack game more realistic to the next level.

Kinetic Air Battles

Anyone who has played many FIFA sectors may be frustrated. (Until I forget that I used to be frustrated) with the rhythm of the two players’ tackles. A lot of times we can’t predict which player will head the ball in the air. Smaller players like Lorenzo Inzier sometimes headed over defenders like Virgil van Dijk, but this time with next-gen technology, FIFA 22 has improved the physics of the game. More realistic air headings We will see players tugging, pulling, or jumping on the other side to fight for a header. And the result is a foul rhythm that looks more realistic than before. No more, the moment was jumped over until his back was broken, but the referee remained silent.

Kinetic Air Battles

Composed Ball Control

Take the ball control system to the next level. When there are more animations The ball will look more natural. Whether it’s the rhythm of pulling the ball down with your chest, knees, inside feet, or a stronger cover if a player with high strength, many FIFA fans who love Romelo Lukaku will probably appreciate this. Because in the past, covering the ball was almost useless even if you had 99 stamina.

Player Humanization

During the game, you’ll see more ‘humanity’ than ever before. There is talk during free kicks or anything else that takes football to the next level. Manchester United fans will be able to see Bruno Fernandes pointing the finger at Anthony Martial for not running through the box and missing the chance to score.

These six features, collectively known as HyperMotion, are what will improve and improve the gameplay in FIFA 22, bringing it closer to realism and soccer-likeness to the next level. With the power of the next-gen console that FIFA fans have been waiting to experience with their own hands and eyes, these technologies will enhance the gameplay to be more realistic. and less irritating? Proven in FIFA 22 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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