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What are the 7 Best Games for 7 Year Old Boys?

by Tom Riddle
7 Best Games for 7 Year Old Boys

Seven-year-old boys are increasingly mature and confident nowadays. In order to challenge 7-year-olds, you should choose more challenging and complex activities.

7-year-old boys can benefit from engaging and educational games that require a longer attention span as well. The motor skills of children start to develop at this age and the discovery of strengths. Thus, both group and individual activities allow them to develop their skills. We’ve listed 7 best games for 7-year-old boys below:

1. Ravensburger Labyrinth

In Ravensburger Labyrinth, boys can compete with each other to find the shortest path through Ravensburger Labyrinth. For children ages seven and up, it involves searching inside a maze for hidden treasures and targets. Moreover, the game pieces are made of high-quality materials to last for years or even decades.

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This quick 20 to the 30-minute game is easy to follow and offers lots of fun. Planning, turn-taking, cause, and effect and various other skills are taught in this game. Join your child in a fun story featuring dragons, ghosts, genies, and many more mythical creatures.

2. Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Suitable for kids ages 7 and up, this family-friendly game earned the rating E for “Everyone.” Players begin the game on a deserted island, trying to build a viable life for themselves there. Because the game lacks traditional concepts of winning and losing, it is simple to learn. Game-play options are a big hit with both families and reviewers alike. On the same system, players can join up to four other players or play online with up to eight friends. Virtual gaming needs to be monitored by parents if children are allowed.

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3. Catan Junior

Catan is a wonderful game to try once, and Catan Junior is perfect for your kids. Suitable for player’s ages seven and up, the game provides resources, points, and a way to win. This strategy and luck game let you buy the property and expand your enterprise.

The game’s spooky island adds to the game-play with ghosts and a few other fun features. In addition, by increasing their resources, children can have more fun and challenge themselves. The game instills an understanding of building up and saving and strategy, while it is enjoyed as a family game night.

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4. Madden NFL 21

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are the only platforms that support this sports simulation game. This video game contains violence typical of professional football. It is rated E for “Everyone.” There is no blood or gore shown in football because the players take hard hits and tackles. Two new features that make this game relevant to kids who want to play within 10 minutes are the two game modes. Its short burst gaming modes, The Yard and Superstar KO are enjoyable and fast-paced. So there’s no need for extended game-play sessions.

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5. Mastermind

Two players take part in the Mastermind Board Game, a strategy game in which they decode codes. For 7-year-old boys, the game is popular, especially among learning games. Children can develop skills in logic, reasoning, and strategic thinking through this game.

In an attempt to match the code created by the Code-maker, the Code-breaker applies logic and even a dash of luck. Every time the Code-maker makes a move, he provides the Code-breaker with clues. Adding another level of complexity to the code involves utilizing multiple pegs of the same color or leaving some holes blank. Every game will challenge your brain with its many possible code combinations.

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6. Geography Drive USA

Geography Drive USA is a perfect game for 7-year-old boys. Exploration is a favorite activity for this age group. They will develop their minds, acquire learning skills and be more successful in school through this game.

Play this online game with your children and join them on an educational and fun adventure. They learn about the histories and places of America while traveling.

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7. Sega Sonic Forces

This quick-paced one-player game features Sonic the Hedgehog once again. So it is ideal for 7-year-olds like those who are used to high-speed games. Sonic fans will likely appreciate the ability to customize their very own avatar character. The game’s latter part allows for more and more accessorizing and customization.

What are the benefits of games for 7-year-old boys?

Games have the following benefits for children aged 7:

Boosts Self-confidence:Studies imply that game-based Learning promotes the self-confidence of kids by 20 percent. Kiddies feel a feeling of achievement when progressing to unique degrees. Conceptual knowledge and understanding increase by 11 percent in children through Game-based Learning. That is only because kids learn topics better once they know through interactive gambling. The effect has on children is that it increases their participation degrees.

Sharpen Memory:Game-Based Learning is famous for ditching the memory of kiddies with a staggering 90 percent. Learning theories through artwork contributes to improved retention ability and also sharpens the heads of both the kids. Visual Learning contributes to a decline in the learning period and enhances the healing of information, contributing to faster conception catching for students.

Enhances Real-world Skills:Your child finds a 20 percent better comprehension of actual life software through Sport Based Learning. Additionally, they encourage “learning “Kids who experience game-based Learning complete three times longer tasks. That is more than the kiddies who heard during conventional learning practices.

What are the best game consoles for 7-year-olds?

Here are the few consoles for kids you would surely find helpful:

Nintendo Switch:Probably the best kids gaming console out there. This highly portable console comes with great features that include parental controls, so you needn’t worry about your child engaging in adult content. However, it is not very suitable for long-running games; neither does it support very extravagant games.

PlayStation 4:Arguably the most popular console on the planet, the PS4 comes with a multitude of features that extend to 4K HDR or Blue-ray streaming, in-built customization options, and parental controls as well. However, it supports only the latest and greatest games.

XBOX ONE S:Although I prefer the PlayStation, the XBOX is among the most popular consoles. It is super child-friendly, has an excellent battery life, and can also be connected to Windows PCs. However, online games on the console are not free, and it doesn’t have as many exclusive games to offer as the PS.


In this article, you will find the best board, video, and online games for 7-year-old boys, and there are also fun games that 7-year-old boys can easily organize using their creativity at home. The clubbing of games with instruction makes Learning attractive and boosts” Learning by Doing.” In addition, you will find here some benefits of playing games.

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